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3D-Earth The goal of this project is establish a global 3D reference model model of the crust and upper mantle based on the analysis of satellite gravity and (electro-)magnetic missions in combination with seismological models and analyse the feedback [...] UNIVERSITY OF KIEL (DE) Science
Arctic + Salinity Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) is a key indicator of the freshwater fluxes and an important variable to understand the changes the Arctic is facing. However, salinity in-situ measurements are very sparse in the Arctic region. For this reason, remote [...] ARGANS LIMITED (GB) Science
Arctic Crowdsourcing This project will develop enhanced Earth Observations (EO) services for Arctic applications planned for C-CORE’s Coresight Platform to include community/crowd sourced very high resolution drone data and other forms of field data that support [...] C-CORE CENTRE FOR COLD OCEAN RESOURCES ENGINEERING (CA) Digital Platform Services
ARCTIC+ THEME 3 – FRESH WATER FLUXES (ArcFlux) The Arctic is a complex region encompassing different physical and biogeochemical processes and interactions among several components of the Earth system (e.g., sea ice, ocean, glaciers, ice caps, the Greenland Ice Sheet, snow, lakes and river [...] TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DENMARK (DK) Science
ArcticSummIT: Arctic Summer Ice Thickness Living Planet Fellowship research project carried out by Jack Landy.

Arctic-SummIT will deliver, for the first time, a sea ice thickness product during summer months from the ESA Cryosat-2 satellite. As the extent of Arctic sea ice has [...]
Asian Development Bank Resident Support Through this activity ESA is deploying an EO information expert (Technical Secondment) to the headquarters of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Manila, Philippines, for a 2-year period. This activity is implemented in conjunction with ESA's [...] Sustainable Development
Atlantic Meridional Transect Ocean Flux from satellite campaign (AMT4OceanSatFlux) This project estimates of the air-sea flux of CO2 calculated from a suite of satellite products over a range of Atlantic Ocean provinces. It deploys state-of-the-art eddy co-variance methods to provide independent verification of satellite [...] UK RESEARCH AND INNOVATION (GB) Science
Baltic+ Salinity Dynamics This project aims to study the potential benefit of incorporating satellite-derived Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) measurements into oceanographic and environmental applications within the Baltic Sea. For such purpose, a team led by ARGANS Ltd (UK) [...] ARGANS FRANCE (FR) Science
Baltic+ Sea-Land biogeochemical linkages (SeaLaBio) The overall goal of the ESA funded project Baltic+ SeaLaBio (Sea-Land Biogeochemical linkages) running from Dec 2018 to May 2020 is to develop methods for assessing carbon dynamics and eutrophication in the Baltic Sea through integrated use of [...] FINNISH ENVIRONMENT INSTITUTE (SYKE) (FI) Science
BathySent – An Innovative Method to Retrieve Global Coastal Bathymetry from Sentinel-2 The BathySent project aims at the development of an automated method for mapping coastal bathymetry (water depths) on the basis of Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission. The interest of using Sentinel-2 data lies on the capacity to cover large areas [...] BUREAU DE RECHERCHES GEOLOGIQUES ET MINIERES (BRGM) (FR) Science
Business Model Validation for Exploitation Platforms This activity shall validate the specific business model of the EODC initiative for its possible reuse in the context of the Exploitation Platform programmatic activities. EODC EARTH OBSERVATION DATA CENTRE FOR WATER RESOURCES MONITORING (AT) Digital Platform Services
CadasterENV Austria, Multi-Scale and Multi-Purpose Land Cover Monitoring System in Austria In order to meet the reporting obligations from international conventions, European directives and national legislations, countries are required to produce up to date, detailed and harmonised information on their land cover and its use, at [...] GEOVILLE (AT) Applications
CadasterENV Sweden, Multi-Scale and Multi-Purpose Land Cover Monitoring System in Sweden In order to meet the reporting obligations from international conventions, European directives and national legislations , countries are required to produce up to date, detailed and harmonised information on their land cover and its use, at [...] METRIA MILJOEANALYS (SE) Applications
Cloudfree Mosaic Platform Pathfinder This activity shall demonstrate platform efficiency in generatong a worldwide cloudfree Sentinel-2 mosaic at full resolution EOX IT SERVICES GMBH (AT) Digital Platform Services
Coastal Thematic Exploitation Platform Through the provision of access to large volumes of EO and in-situ data, computing resources, algorithm development space and the fundamental processing software required to extract temporal and spatial information from Big Data, C-TEP shall [...] ACRI-ST S.A.S. (FR) Digital Platform Services
Commercial Operator Identity Hub (COIH): Identity as a Service for the Network of EO Resources In the context of Space 4.0 and its “EO Innovation Europe” concept, the European Space Agency (ESA) is forming a new ecosystem for exploitation of EO data under the name “Network of EO Resources”. The main goal is to bring the numerous and [...] DEIMOS SPACE S.L.U (ES) Digital Platform Services
ConsIstent Retrieval of Cloud Aerosol Surface CIRCAS aims at providing a set of atmospheric (cloud and aerosol) and surface (albedo) products derived from S3A/SLSTR observations retrieved using the same radiative transfer physics and assumptions.The retrieval is based on the CISAR (Combined [...] RAYFERENCE SPRL (BE) Science
CryoSat Plus For Oceans (CP4O) The “CryoSat Plus for Oceans” (CP4O) project, supported by the ESA Support to Science Element (STSE) Programme and by CNES, was dedicated to the exploitation of CryoSat-2 data over the open and coastal ocean. The general objectives of the CP4O [...] SATELLITE OCEANOGRAPHIC CONSULTANTS LTD. (GB) Science
CryoSat+ Mountain Glaciers The purpose of this project is to quantify the volume, mass change and contribution to sea level change of mountain glaciers using dataset from the CryoSat satellite radar altimeter. Here we propose to generate mountain glacier elevation and [...] UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH (GB) Science
DACES – Detection of Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions Sources The project aims at developing a new methodology for detecting anthropogenic carbon dioxide emission sources. CO2 data from OCO-2 and NO2, SO2 and CO data from Sentinel-5P are collocated. The plan is to analyze these data in synergy to better [...] FINNISH METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE (FI) Science
Datacube Demonstration for TPM The service shall enables advanced data access and retrieval capabilities on global to local / low to very high resolution EO products, based on OGC WCS and WCPS APIs. The project implements a showcase for Landsat European coverage and [...] MEEO S.R.L. (IT) Digital Platform Services
Delay-Doppler Altimetry Studio This project aims at providing to the scientific community the means to understand and use the low levels of Altimetry data and how these data are processed, by providing them with a Fully Adaptable and Configureable Delay Doppler Processor  [...] ISARDSAT LTD. (GB) Science
Development of pan-European Multi-Sensor Snow Mapping Methods Exploiting Sentinel-1 The main objective is the development, implementation and validation of methods and tools for generating maps of snowmelt area based on SAR data of the Sentinel-1 mission and the combination with snow products derived from optical sensors of [...] ENVEO – ENVIRONMENTAL EARTH OBSERVATION INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GMBH (AT) Science
e-Drift (Disaster risk financing and transfer) Disaster Risk Financing (DRF) can increase the ability of national and local governments, homeowners, businesses, agricultural producers, and low-income populations to respond more quickly and resiliently to disasters by strengthening public [...] CIMA RESEARCH FOUNDATION (IT) Enterprise
Earth Observation for Poverty – EO4Poverty Poverty is one of the chronic problems of the XXI century and, despite the recent decrease of global economic inequalities between and within countries, in 2016 about 800 million people still lived in extreme poverty condition, with many of them [...] MindEarth (CH) Applications
Earth System Data Lab (ESDL) The main objective of the Earth System Data Lab (ESDL) project is to establish and operate a service to the scientific community that greatly facilitates access and exploitation of the multivariate data set in the ESDL and by this means advances [...] BROCKMANN CONSULT GMBH (DE) Science
Education Platform This activity will provide a platform for educational purposes SINERGISE LTD. (SI) Digital Platform Services
EO Innovation Platform Testbed Poland The project shall validate procurement mechanisms for a cloud-based resource tier, offering bundled infrastructure (IaaS) and data services (DaaS) to the users, based at minimum on MERIS full resolution, S-2 and Landsat data, possibly extending [...] CREOTECH INSTRUMENTS SA (PL) Digital Platform Services
EO Mammals Earth Observation (EO) data has been extensively used over the years to assist on the management of marine mammal populations either by establishing protected areas where stakeholders’ activity are reduced, or by minimizing the impact of [...] THE OCEANIC PLATFORM OF THE CANARY ISLANDS (ES) Applications
EO Network of Resources Exploitation Platforms are the central element of ESAs Earth Observation (EO) Innovation Europe concept which envisages an open network of EO Exploitation Platforms based on coordinating expertise spread across Europe. The concept aims at the [...] CLOUDEO AG (DE) Digital Platform Services
EO4CBI: Earth Observation for City Biodiversity Index (DUE Innovator III Series) Capturing the status and trends of biodiversity and ecosystem services in urban landscapes represents an important part of understanding whether a metropolitan area is developing in a sustainable manner. The City Biodiversity Index (CBI) was [...] SPACE 4 ENVIRONMENT (LU) Applications
EO4SD – Agriculture and Rural Development EO4SD - Agriculture and Rural Development project - aims at demonstrating the benefits of EO-based geo-information products and services to support agricultural monitoring and management tasks, in particular projects and programmes of the [...] ELEAF B.V. (NL) Sustainable Development
EO4SD – Climate Resilience The ESA EO4SD Climate Resilience project encapsulates heterogeneous and multi-disciplinary knowledge to provide answer about the real potential of Earth Observation in supporting climate resilience decision making at regional and national scale, [...] GMV AEROSPACE AND DEFENCE, SA (ES) Sustainable Development
EO4SD – Eastern Partnership EO4EP – Earth Observation for Eastern Partnership is an ESA initiative which aims to achieve a step increase in the uptake of satellite-based environmental information in the development programs implemented by the World Bank and the European [...] SPACE RESEARCH CENTRE, POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (PL) Sustainable Development
EO4SD – Marine and Coastal Resources Management The objective of this contract is to develop and demonstrate a portfolio of EO based information services that can be embedded into a critical mass of investment projects funded by International Development Banks which address marine and coastal [...] NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL (GB) Sustainable Development
EO4SD – Support to States affected by Fragility, Conflict and Violence The objective of this contract is to develop and demonstrate a set of EO based information services to support the activities of International Development Banks in areas affected by fragility, conflict and violence. This includes activities [...] CLS COLLECTE LOCALISATION SATELLITES (FR) Sustainable Development
EO4SD – Urban Development The EO4SD-Urban project aims at demonstrating the benefits of satellite Earth Observation-based geoinformation products to support urban planning tasks, in the context of projects and programmes of Mulatilateral Development Banks (MDBs) such as [...] GAF AG (DE) Sustainable Development
EO4SD – Water Resources Management EO4SD – Earth Observation for Sustainable Development – is a new ESA initiative which aims to achieve a step increase in the uptake of satellite-based environmental information in the IFIs regional and global programs. It will follow a [...] DHI GRAS A/S (DK) Sustainable Development
EO4URBAN, Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 SAR and Sentinel-2 MSI Data for Global Urban Services (DUE Innovator III Series) More than half of the people on the planet live in cities and the situatiuon will further worsen with another 2.5 billion people expected to move into cities by 2050. The information decision makers need for their urban planning activities are [...] KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY IN STOCKHOLM (SE) Applications
EOCYTES: Evaluation of the effect of Ozone on Crop Yields and the TErrestrial carbon pool using Satellite data Living Planet Fellowship research project carried out by Jasdeep Singh Anand.

Terrestrial ecosystems are a major carbon pool, and so act to mitigate anthropogenic climate change. However, vegetation in these carbon pools are damaged by [...]
EOMall The Objective of this activity is to develop an on-line Marketplace for the EO Service sector. Known as EOMall, the platform will enable the interactive promotion of downstream EO-based products & services focused on the needs of a global [...] EVERSIS SP. Z O.O. (PL) Enterprise
EOStat-Poland The EOStat project is co financed by EOEP5 and a Polish Industry Incentive Scheme Program (PLIIS) and aiming to facilitate the growth of strategic space applications sectors in Poland where new EO-methods methods and services integrated with [...] INSTITUTE OF GEODESY AND CARTOGRAPHY (PL) Enterprise
European Data Cube Facility The European Data Cube Facility service is providing fast access to a considerable amount of EO information from instrument data up to environmental variables and in order to establish a “bridge from Space to Applications”.

It capitalizes on [...]
SINERGISE LTD. (SI) Digital Platform Services
Federated Identity Management Pathfinders Several different activities to explore the notion of having Federated Identities for EO Exploitation, allowing a user to access services using its home organisation account, e.g. university account being used to access a DLR service or an ATOS [...] CGI IT UK LIMITED (GB) Digital Platform Services
Food Security Thematic Exploitation Platform The main goal of this activity is to develop a Thematic Exploitation Platform (TEP) dedicated to Food Security in order to support sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries by providing access to data, processing tools and computing [...] VISTA GEOWISSENSCHAFTLICHE FERNERKUNDUNG GMBH (DE) Digital Platform Services
ForEarth The objective of the ForEarth project is to provide a mobile-oriented environmental alert service dedicated to public institutions, scientists and citizens to keep a close watch on their surrounding environment based on freely-available [...] GEOMATYS (FR) Sustainable Development
Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform (Forestry TEP) shall enable commercial, governmental and research users in the forestry sector globally to efficiently access satellite data based processing services and tools for generating value-added [...] VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND LTD (FI) Digital Platform Services
Geohazards Thematic Exploitation Platform The Geohazards Exploitation Platform or GEP aims to support the exploitation of satellite EO for geohazards. In particular it is a contribution to the CEOS WG Disasters to support its Seismic Hazards Pilot and terrain deformation applications of [...] TERRADUE SRL (IT) Digital Platform Services
Geopedia Pay-Per-Use Demonstration on Optical High-Resolution Cloud Platform The project enables the Sentinel-Hub functions for MERIS, ESA Landsat and shall validate procurement mechanisms for a cloud-based resource tier, offering bundled infrastructure (IaaS) and data services (DaaS) to the users, based at minimum on [...] SLOVENIAN CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR SPACE SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGIES (SPACE-SI) (SI) Digital Platform Services
GEORICE (DUE Innovator III Series) The GEORICE innovator addresses research priorities within the Group of Earth Observation Global Agricultural Monitoring (GEOGLAM) initiative related to SAR techniques for rice monitoring. The project developed and demonstrated EO products for [...] UNIVERSITE TOULOUSE III – PAUL SABATIER (FR) Applications
GlobDiversity: Development of High-Resolution RS-Enabled EBVs on the Structure and Function of Terrestrial Ecosystems A global knowledge of the state of and changes to biological diversity can only be based on a combination of in-situ and remotely sensed observations integrated into a comprehensive biodiversity knowledge system. The needs to integrate satellite [...] UNIVERSITY OF ZURICH (CH) Applications
GlobWetland Africa: Development of EO Tools for the Conservation, Wise-Use and Effective Management of Wetlands in Africa GlobWetland Africa aims at facilitating the exploitation of satellite observations for the conservation, wise-use and effective management of wetlands in Africa, by providing African stakeholders with EO methods and tools to fulfil their Ramsar [...] DHI GRAS A/S (DK) Applications
GOCE gravity gradients for time-variable applications (GOCE4TV-APPs) The gravity gradients of the highly successful ESA Earth Explorer mission GOCE (Gravity field and steady-state ocean circulation explorer), which have been reprocessed by applying enhanced calibration strategies in the frame of the ESA project [...] TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MUNICH (DE) Science
GOCE++Dynamic Topography at the Coast and Tide Gauge Unification (DYCOT) The objective of this activity is a consolidated and improved understanding and modelling of coastal processes and physics responsible for sea level changes on various temporal/spatial scales. In practice, this study shall combine several [...] TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DENMARK (DK) Science
Harmonised Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Analysis-Ready Products The project proposes an innovative prototype (pre-operational demonstration) service providing analysis-ready harmonized Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 data/products to the user for easy exploitation. The service will be embedded as a SNAP “plug in”, [...] TELESPAZIO VEGA UK LIMITED (GB) Digital Platform Services
HI-FIVE: High-Resolution Forest Coverage with InSAR & Deforestation Surveillance Living Planet Fellowship research project carried out by Francescopaolo Sica.

Forests are of paramount importance for the Earth’s ecosystem, since they play a key-role in reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and in [...]
Hydrology Thematic Exploitation Platform The Hydrology TEP shall offer:
- a Community Platform: an open, collaborative and inclusive community where users can SHARE information, knowledge, algorithms, methods, tools, results, products, services.
- a Service Platform: a portal [...]
ISARDSAT S.L. (ES) Digital Platform Services
ICEFLOW: Short-term movements in the Cryosphere Living Planet Fellowship research project carried out by Bas Altena.

Earth observation plays an important role in society and business, today, and more so in the near future. Several times a day, satellite systems acquire data over targeted [...]
Impact of 3D Cloud Structures on the Atmospheric Trace Gas Products From UV-Vis Sounders In current atmospheric trace gas retrieval schemes exploiting UV-vis sounder data, clouds are treated in a simplistic way ignoring 3D structures and cloud shadows. In this activity, the impact of such cloud effects on trace gas products is [...] NILU – NORWEGIAN INSTITUTE FOR AIR RESEARCH (NO) Science
Improved Atmospheric Spectroscopy Databases Enable better exploitation of ESA atmospheric satellite missions by the measurement/provision of improved spectroscopic reference data sets.This project includes two main activities: one on the generation of improved spectroscopy in the SWIR [...] DLR – GERMAN AEROSPACE CENTER (DE) Science
INTENS – Characterization of IoNospheric TurbulENce level by Swarm constellation The purpose of the project is to investigate the turbulent nature of geomagnetic field and plasma parameters (electron density and temperature) in the ionosphere as recorded by the Swarm constellation during a period of 4 years (from 1 April [...] ISTITUTO NAZIONALE DI GEOFISICA E VULCANOLOGIA (IT) Science
Interactive Hosted EO Processing The project demonstrated, through a proof-of-concept, that merging the concept of hosted EO data processing with GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) and Web technologies, a solution could be created to allows users to easily exploit data in a fast [...] BRITISH ANTARCTIC SURVEY (GB) Digital Platform Services
Island2VAP: Integrating Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 to Systematically Generate Value-Added Products at High Resolution Quality and quantity of current high resolution optical earth observation data is unprecedented and provides an opportunity to advance remote sensing land system analyses. However, cloud coverage and a lack of gridded higher level products still [...] HUMBOLDT UNIVERSITAT ZU BERLIN (DE) Science
Land Cover Change Detection and Monitoring Methodologies Based on the Combined Use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 for Natural Resources and Hazard Management. The main objective of this R&D activity is to develop and validate novel methodologies for Land EO products based on the joint exploitation of Sentinel-1A SAR data and Sentinel-2A optical imagery. The outcome of the activity is intended to [...] CLS COLLECTE LOCALISATION SATELLITES (FR) Science
Machine Learning Methods for SAR-derived Time Series Trend Change Detection (MATTCH) The MATTCH project - Machine Learning methods for SAR-derived Time Series Trend Change Detection - aims to apply Machine Learning techniques to InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) derived surface deformation measurements, with the [...] TRE ALTAMIRA s.r.l. (IT) Science
Mapping and characterization of unstable slopes with Sentinel-1 multigeometry InSAR Being a mountainous country, with long fjords and steep valley sides, Norway is particularly susceptible to large rock avalanches. In the last 100 years, over 170 people have been killed by tsunamis in fjords caused by large rock avalanches. In [...] NORTHERN RESEARCH INSTITUTE (NORUT) (NO) Applications
MethEO – Methane emissions in the Northern Hemisphere by applying both data from Earth Observing (EO) satellites and global atmospheric methane inversion model estimates The project will investigate Northern Hemisphere methane (CH4) sources and their connection to the soil freezing and thawing at high latitudes. We will innovatively combine methods for monitoring of CH4 (methane) emissions in the Northern [...] FINNISH METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE (FI) Science
MULTI-FLEX: towards a strategy for fluorescence monitoring at multiple scales within the context of the FLEX/S-3 tandem mission Living Planet Fellowship research project carried out by Marco Celesti.

The future FLEX/Sentinel-3 tandem mission will provide unique information on vegetation dynamics by exploiting Sun-induced fluorescence and reflectance at the [...]
Ocean Virtual Laboratory The aimof this activity is To exploit the synergy between Sentinel instruments and other mission EO datasets together with in situ measurements in complex waters and improve scientific understanding of ocean and coastal processes and impacts.The [...] OCEANDATALAB (FR) Science
OGC Testbed 13 The activity (a thread within the OGC Testbed 13 initiative) demonstrated how an EO algorithm could be package, deployed and executed in an interoperable manner across a number of different environments. CGI IT UK LIMITED (GB) Digital Platform Services
OGC Testbed 14 The activity (a thread within the OGC Testbed 14 initiative) builds up on the previous Testbed 13 activities by allowing the definition of more complex algoritms (worflows, i.e. multiple tasks executed in proper order) can be defined, deployed [...] CGI IT UK LIMITED (GB) Digital Platform Services
Operational Snow Avalanche Detection Using Sentinel-1 NORUT has developed an automatic avalanche detection method within a pre-operational processing chain that uses Sentinel-1 data to detect avalanches. This system is being tested in Northern Norway and is used operationally during winter [...] NORTHERN RESEARCH INSTITUTE (NORUT) (NO) Applications
OVALIE: Oceanic intrinsic Variability versus Atmospheric forced variabiLIty of sea level changE Living Planet Fellowship research project carried out by William Llovel.

Global mean sea level rise is one of the most direct consequences of actual global warming. Since the beginning of the 20th century, global mean sea level experiences an [...]
PHYSIOGLOB: Assessing the inter-annual physiological response of phytoplankton to global warming using long-term satellite observations Living Planet Fellowship research project carried out by Marco Bellacicco.
Phytoplankton is considered to be responsible for approximately 50% of the planetary primary production and is at the basis of the trophic chain. Large scale factors [...]
Platform Common Architecture The envisaged procurement will cover the activities needed to define, develop and validate a reference architecture and related implementation of a generic EO Exploitation Platform, as well as its interconnection within a Network of Resources. [...] TELESPAZIO VEGA UK LIMITED (GB) Digital Platform Services
Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform The Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform provides a complete working environment where users can access algorithms and data remotely, providing computing resources and tools that they might not otherwise have, avoiding the need to download and [...] POLAR VIEW EARTH OBSERVATION LTD (GB) Digital Platform Services
Pre-Operational Sentinel-3 snow and ice products (SICE) Land ice mass loss is the largest source of global sea level rise. Since 1992, two thirds of sea level contribution from land ice comes from the Arctic. Roughly half of Greenland ice sheet mass loss is from increased surface melting. The [...] GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF DENMARK AND GREENLAND (DK) Science
Precise Monitoring of Transportation Infrastructures Using InSAR The project goal is to develop a core service application for the TITCMS (transportation infrastructure technical condition monitoring support service) business service of the company DATEL, an on-demand deformation measurement and technical [...] DATEL AS (EE) Enterprise
Proba-V Mission Exploitation Platform – Third-Party Services The project shall demonstrate the MEP platform capabilities (in terms of infrastructure and vegetation product access) with a number of identifies pilot users (scientists and industry) giving them the opportunity to prototype potential tools and [...] VLAAMSE INSTELLING VOOR TECHNOLOGISCH ONDERZOEK VITO (BE) Digital Platform Services
PROMCOM: Production of lower tropospheric methane and carbon monoxide distributions through combined use of ESA Sentinel-5 Precursor shortwave infrared and IASI/CrIS thermal infrared satellite data Living Planet Fellowship research project carried out by Diane Knappett.
Global distributions of the methane (CH4) column average and carbon monoxide (CO) total column are observable by satellite shortwave infrared (SWIR) spectrometers through [...]
Raincast – Scientific Evaluation of Future Atmospheric Mission Concepts to Monitor Precipitation The holistic understanding of the Earth’s water and energy cycle remains one of the grandchallenges that the international scientific community needs to address in the next decade.The Raincast project is a multi-platform and multi-sensor study [...] UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER (GB) Science
RIDESAT – RIver flow monitoring and Discharge Estimation by integrating multiple SATellite data The RIDESAT Project (RIver flow monitoring and Discharge Estimation by integrating multiple SATellite data) aims at developing a new methodology for the joint exploitation of three sensors (altimeter, optical and thermal) for river flow [...] CNR, CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHE (IT) Science
RS4EBV: Remote Sensing for Essential Biodiversity Variables (DUE Innovator III Series) Biodiversity is facing a global crisis as evidenced by dramatic declines in species and habitats. Tracking the state of biodiversity requires operational monitoring systems underpinned by robust indicators. While these indicators convey [...] UN WORLD CONSERVATION MONITORING CENTRE (UN-WCMC) (GB) Applications
S2 for Land and Water, Change Detection/Multi-temporal The project aims at defining the scientific methods and the related prototype algorithms for addressing three main challenges with the multispectral and multiresolution Sentinel 2 images: 1) change detection; 2) analysis of image time series; [...] UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI TRENTO (IT) Science
S2 for Land and Water, Coastal and Inland Waters Theme This project aims at developing and validating inland water circulation models coupled with remote sensing data to better understand the processes involved in these water bodies. It will investigate the potential of the S-2 radiometric data [...] ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE FEDERALE DE LAUSANNE (CH) Science
SAR Altimetry Coastal & Open Ocean Performance (SCOOP) SCOOP (SAR Altimetry Coastal & Open Ocean Performance) is a project funded under the ESA SEOM (Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions) Programme Element, started in September 2015, to characterise the expected performance of [...] SATELLITE OCEANOGRAPHIC CONSULTANTS LTD. (GB) Science
SAR4URBAN: SAR for urbanisation monitoring (DUE Innovator III Series) From the beginning of the years 2000, more than half of the world population live in cities and the overall trend of urbanization is growing at an unprecedented speed. The use of Earth Observations and their integration with other source of [...] DLR – GERMAN AEROSPACE CENTER (DE) Applications
Sargassum monitoring service The project objective is to develop and implement an innovative automated service based on Earth Observation (EO) data to monitor floating Sargassum algae in the Caribbean area, estimate their drift and eventual landings on the coasts, and [...] CLS COLLECTE LOCALISATION SATELLITES (FR) Applications
Satellite Oceanographic Datasets for Acidification (OceanSODA) Since the beginning of the industrial revolution humans have released approximately 500 billion metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels, cement production and land-use changes. About 30% of this carbon dioxide (CO2) [...] UNIVERSITY OF EXETER (GB) Science
SEN-ET: Sentinels for Evapotranspiration Satellite remote sensing of evapotranspiration is an essential part of the global observation system and provides inputs for agriculture, water resources management, weather forecasts, climate studies and many other applications. Easy access to [...] DHI GRAS A/S (DK) Science
Sen4CAP: Sentinels for the Common Agricultural Policy The Sen4CAP project aims at providing to the European and national stakeholders of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) validated algorithms, products and best practices for agriculture monitoring relevant for the management of the CAP. [...] UNIVERSITY OF CATHOLIQUE DE LOUVAIN (BE) Applications
Sentinel 2/3 Synergy Products The objective of the project is to use Data Assimilation techniques to generate land surface products combining the data from Sentinels 2 and 3.
Building upon the work undertaken in OPTIRAD, this project extends the capabilities of the system [...]
Sentinel Hub for Network of Resources Sentinel Hub services are operational services running on several platforms (AWS EU-Frankfurt, AWS US-West, Creodias, Onda and Mundi web services), providing seamless access to various satellite missions over web service API. They are used by [...] SINERGISE LTD. (SI) Digital Platform Services
Sentinel-1 – INSAR Performance Study with TOPS Data Scientific exploitation and validation of the interferometric TOPS mode implemented on the Sentinel-1 mission.Developement and implementation of advanced algorithms for Sentinel-1 TOPS data exploitation.

 Confirm and document Sentinel-1 [...]
Sentinel-1 – INSAR Performance Study with TOPS Data (B) Scientific exploitation and validation of the interferometric TOPS mode implemented on the Sentinel-1 mission.Developement and implementation of advanced algorithms for Sentinel-1 TOPS data exploitation.

 Confirm and document Sentinel-1 [...]
Sentinel-1 for Science Ocean The project aims to develop synergetic wind- wave- and radial surface current retrieval from S-1 SAR data (all modes)
The objective of this study is to develop improved L2 ocean product prototypes for Sentinel-1 mission fulfilling the [...]
Sentinel-1 for Surface Soil Moisture Develop, implement and test soil moisture retrieval methods using Sentinel-1 dataThe C-band Sentinel-1 (S-1) European Radar Observatory, with its two satellites (S-1A & B), is the only operating SAR mission with monitoring capabilities, [...] CNR, CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHE (IT) Science
Sentinel-1 Interferometric Coherence for Vegetation and Mapping (SINCOHMAP) SINCOHMAP is an ESA SEOM project with the objective of developing, analysing and validating novel methodologies for land cover & vegetation mapping using Sentinel-1 Interferometric Coherence Evolution. One of the main objectives of the [...] DARES TECHNOLOGY (ES) Science
Sentinel-2 Atmospheric Correction This project aims to develop and validate an atmospheric corrections scheme to produce high quality surface reflectance from Sentinel-2 data for coastal waters. The objective of this study is to develop, test, implement and validate methods (or [...] ACRI-HE SAS (FR) Science
Sentinel-2 for Agriculture (DUE) The Sen2-Agri project is designed to develop, demonstrate and facilitate the Sentinel-2 time series contribution to the satellite EO component of agriculture monitoring at national scale. The project will demonstrate the benefit of the [...] UNIVERSITY OF CATHOLIQUE DE LOUVAIN (BE) Applications
Sentinel-2 Global Land Cover This activity aims at setting up a solid scientific basis for the development of advance land cover classification strategies to exploit the new capabilities of Sentinel-2 in view of generating future global land cover mapThis project will focus [...] SPACE RESEARCH CENTRE, POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (PL) Science
Sentinel-2 Radiometry Validation Development and inter-comparison of algorithms for validating the radiometry of Sentinel-2 Level-1 products.According to the definition used by the Working Group on Calibration and Validation (WGCV) of the international Committee on Earth [...] RAYFERENCE SPRL (BE) Science
Sentinel-3 for Science, Land Study 1: Snow This SEOM study is to develop, implement and validate algorithms for deriving several key snow parameters from Sentinel 3 optical satellite data, appropriate for addressing ESA’s Cryosphere challenge (Seasonal snow, lake/river ice and land ice, [...] GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF DENMARK AND GREENLAND (DK) Science
Sentinel-3 Hydrologic Altimetry Processor prototypE (SHAPE) The SHAPE project is funded by ESA through the Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions (SEOM) programme element to prepare the exploitation of Sentinel-3 data over the inland water domain (water heights and discharge). Objectives are to: [...] ALONG-TRACK (FR) Science
Sentinel-3 Performance Improvement for ICE Sheets (SPICE) SPICE (Sentinel-3 Performance improvement for ICE sheets) is a 2-year study, which began in September 2015 and has been funded by ESA’s SEOM (Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions) program. The project aims to contribute to the [...] UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS, SCHOOL OF EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT (GB) Science
Sentinel-3 Primary Production over Land Gross primary production (GPP) and terrestrial net primary production (NPP) are fundamental quantities in the global carbon cycle, and for the production of food, fibre and biomass for human use. This project aims at exploiting Sentinel-3 data [...] VLAAMSE INSTELLING VOOR TECHNOLOGISCH ONDERZOEK VITO (BE) Science
SENTINEL-3 TANDEM FOR CLIMATE (S3TC) EXPRO+ After 2 years in orbit, the Sentinel-3A satellite from the Copernicus program was joined by Sentinel-3B. During the first six months of the mission, the two satellites will fly in close formation. Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B observe the same [...] ACRI-ST S.A.S. (FR) Science
Sentinel-5p+ Innovation The Sentinel-5p+ Innovation activity is motivated by potential novel scientific developments and applications that may emerge from the exploitation of the Copernicus Sentinel-5p mission data. This satellite mission is dedicated to the precise [...] ESA EOP-SDR initiative (IT) Applications, Science
SEOM Sen2Coral Sen2Coral aims to develop and validate new algorithms relevant for coral reef monitoring based on Sentinel-2 observations, including benthic mapping, coral reef health and mortality as well as bathymetry. The activity will develop open source [...] ARGANS LIMITED (GB) Science
SHRED: Sentinel-1 for High REsolution monitoring of vegetation Dynamics Living Planet Fellowship research project carried out by Mariette Vreugdenhil.

Through its role in the global water-, carbon- and energy cycles, vegetation is a key control in land surface processes and land-atmosphere interactions. [...]
SIEMIC: Swarm Investigation of the Energetics of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Living Planet Fellowship research project carried out by Ivan Pakhotin.
Ivan's recent published work in magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling (MIC) using the unprecedented Swarm dataset has revealed that Alfven waves play a key role in MIC [...]
Small Satellite Exploitation Accelerator: Video and Fast Update Imaging Among the innovative data collection capabilities being developed in Europe, video and fast update imaging is widely considered to be enabling for a range of application domains. The “Small Satellite Exploitation Accelerator” project will

• [...]
Earth-i Ltd (GB) Enterprise
SMELLS (DUE Innovator III Series) SMELLS will implement an innovative approach to combine Sentinel-1 SAR data with thermal disaggregated SMOS-derived soil moisture to derive a soil moisture product at both high-spatial and high-temporal resolution to provide a new tool for [...] ISARDSAT LTD. (GB) Applications
SMOS+ Med: Sea Surface Salinity in the Mediterranean Ocean salinity reflects precipitation and evaporation rates, river runoff and ice formation and melting. It is an essential variable for the Earth's climate, because it influences ocean circulation, convection and mixing, through its effect on [...] UNIVERSITY OF LIEGE (BE) Science
SMOS+ Rainfall Several recent studies have concluded that climate change causes major changes in the global water cycle. There is increasing evidence that part of the multi-decadal trends observed on the sea surface salinity (SSS) are due to changes in the [...] CNRS, DELEGATION REGIONALE ALPES (FR) Science
SMOWS: Satellite Mode Waters Salinity, in synergy with Temperature and Sea Level Living Planet Fellowship research project carried out by Audrey Hasson.

Mode waters (MWs) transport a large volume of heat, carbon and other properties across basins at seasonal to longer time-scales and thus play a major role in the [...]
SOLFEO – Spaceborne Observations over Latin America For Emission Optimization applications South America hosts the Amazon rain forest, the largest source of natural hydrocarbons (HC) emitted into the atmosphere. However, the forest undergoes continuous pressure due to increasing needs for pasture and agricultural land. Next to this, [...] The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) (NL) Science
STSE CryoSat+ CryoTop Evolution The aim of the CryoTop Evolution is to generate L2, L3 and L4 products over the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets from swath processing of CryoSat SARIn mode data.

The CryoTop datasets contain surface elevation generated from swath [...]
STSE-ARCTIC+ THEME 5 – CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE YEAR OF POLAR PREDICTIONS (YOPP) The A+5 study belongs to the STSE ARCTIC+ cluster of projects and specifically contributes to the Year of Polar Prediction (YoPP). A+5 is constructing a flexible system for Arctic Mission Benefit Analysis (ArcMBA) that evaluates in a [...] THE INVERSION LAB THOMAS KAMINSKI CONSULTING (DE) Science
SUNLIT – Synergy of Using Nadir and Limb Instruments for Tropospheric ozone monitoring The project aims at developing a new global tropospheric ozone datasets form TROPOMI and OMI measurements. These data will be a valuable addition to the operational TROPOMI Tropospheric ozone column product by the convective cloud differential [...] FINNISH METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE (FI) Science
Synergetic use of SMOS L1 Data in Sun Flare detection and analysis The aim of the project is to develop a systematic retrieval of Sun Brightness Temperature in L-Band as measured by the SMOS Mission and analyse its correlation with measurements of solar flares currently used in Space Weather, as GOES X-ray [...] DEIMOS SPACE s.r.l. (RO) Science
Technology and atmospheric mission platform – OPerations (TOP) The proposed atmospheric mission platform has the twofold aim of demonstrating that (1) multiple data sources (the "data triangle" namely satellite-based products, numerical model output, and ground measurements) can be simultaneously exploited [...] SISTEMA GMBH (AT) Digital Platform Services
The ionospheric signature of auroral and subauroral fast flows Living Planet Fellowship research project carried out by William Edward Archer.

The European Space Agency Swarm satellite mission is advancing the cutting edge of ionospheric space physics. Combined high-resolution measurements of electron [...]
Triple-A For Exploitation Platforms The project targets a pre-operational demonstration of a Triple-A system (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) for Exploitation Platforms using modern standards such as Open ID Connect (OIDC) and User Managed Access (UMA) based on open [...] DEIMOS SPACE S.L.U (ES) Digital Platform Services
Urban Thematic Exploitation Platform The Urban TEP project shall build up an environment expected to function as:
- Enabling technology,
Technical: Linking big data, IT-infrastructures, processing and analysis solutions;
Thematic: Provision of standardised, new, and tailored [...]
DLR – GERMAN AEROSPACE CENTER (DE) Digital Platform Services
WACMOS Irrigation Irrigation is one of the greatest human intervention in the hydrological cycle. The knowledge of the distribution, the extent of irrigated areas and the amount of water used by irrigation is needed for different purposes: 1) modelling irrigation [...] CNR, CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHE (IT) Science
WIFT: Water vapour Isotopologues From TROPOMI Living Planet Fellowship research project carried out by Andreas Schneider.

The role of atmospheric water vapour in the hydrological cycle, the atmospheric circulation, and the radiation and energy budgets is largely uncertain. Improving [...]