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OPEn platform for the Retrieval of Aerosol and CO2 from S5 (OPERA-S5)



The aim of the OPEn platform for the Retrieval of Aerosol and CO2 from S5 (OPERA-S5) project is to develop a totally modular open scientific platform for the combined retrieval of CO2, CH4, aerosol and surface properties based on GRASP (Generalized Retrieval of Atmosphere and Surface Properties) code with the measurements of Sentinel-5 spectrometer UVNS as stand alone, and in combination with the Multiangular Polarimeter 3MI. This new open platform will allow state-of-the-art characterization of atmospheric and surface properties. But also, thanks to its modular architecture, it will serve as a scientific hub for the development of new modeling and retrieval techniques based on AI methodologies. 

Two of the main challenges to reach the accuracy requirements in the retrieval of GreenHouse gas concentrations from spaceborne sensors are the scattering elements (aerosol and surface) and the computationally expensive calculations involved in the hyperspectral gas absorption features. OPERA-S5 platform tackles both of them by taking advantage of the highly accurate aerosol and surface characterization of GRASP with Multiangle-Polarimetric measurements and the acceleration possibilities offered by AI based approaches. 


Prime contractor
  • Netherlands Institute for Space Research (NWO-I) (NL)