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The next 10 years will be Europe’s Digital Decade.

Our targets for a digitally-empowered Europe by 2030:
🎯 A digitally skilled population
🎯 Secure and sustainable digital infrastructures
🎯 Digital transformation of businesses
🎯 Digitalisation of public services


Stay tuned!📻
A new workshop focusing on Decentralised Networks' Governance is under way! What challenges do the current dominant modes of governance face in the digital domain? Intrigued? Date to be announced soon!
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📰#CHAISE’s first report has been published!
It contains an overview of:
👉The #blockchain ecosystem and market at EU level and in different EU countries
👉A blockchain labour market analysis
👉Blockchain workforce attributes
Read the full report here 👉



Φ-week 2021: NewSpace economy and associated innovations

October 11 - October 15

The main theme of Φ-week 2021 is the NewSpace economy and associated innovations – a global trend of emerging investment and entrepreneurial philosophy that, together with key technological advancements, is enabling a private space industry largely driven by commercial motivations and will eventually evolve into EO Commercial Space. The event will highlight how the NewSpace …

Oct 11
Φ-week 2021: NewSpace economy and associated innovations