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InSAR Services for Key Hungarian Market Sectors

DATelite (HU)


This activity is the continuation of an previously-completed ESA project (“PASTA: Phenomena-Aware Spatial and TemporAl Clustering”). The overall objective is to develop a software tool providing higher-level solutions for automated interferometric data analysis and interpretation, geared mainly to key Hungarian users. The precursor project had successfully performed the user consultations and defined a number of demonstration pilots, each with its own user requirements.

Four pilots with their own user requirements are planned, one for each of the following end-users: 1) the Baranya County Directorate for Disaster Management (BMKV); 2) LAFARGE Cement Hungary Ltd.; 3) Nuclear Waste Management Plc. (RHK) and 4) Mining Property Utilization Ltd. (BVH). These entities show continued interest to learn about and possibly adopt SAR interferometry in their respective activities.


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DATelite (HU)