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Testbed for Brain in Space

Spire Global Luxembourg S.a r.l. (LU)


Brain in Space is an on-the-ground test environment replicating Spire’s “Low Earth Multi-Use Receiver” (LEMUR) satellite that replicates the functionality and performance of a nanosatellite in space, including the latest and most powerful Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning modules.
The Brain in Space testbed is a major step in the development of AI-assisted processing of space sensor data and assessing the potential of using AI for on-board processing on a proven sensor platform. It also provides a test environment to trial different AI frameworks and algorithms for space applications to create new markets and products. And in the same way that Spire satellites are accessed remotely, so is Brain in Space, which is accessible from anywhere in the world, via modern APIs. The ability to recognize patterns and spot anomalies is valuable in any sector but there are some where it is business critical, such as maritime industry or weather predictions. Using the AI computing platforms to enhance data processing capabilities onboard small satellites would make it easier to i.e. detect illegal shipping activities, distress signals from planes and vessels or autonomously detect and assess the probability of a hurricane or tsunami, immediately tasking data collection from the right location and sensor, and initiating direct download to the ground to deliver the warning. Interest has been raised from companies developing space-based applications such as data processing, image recognition, secured transactions, etc. …Across different geographies notably Europe and Asia.
The Brain in Space test bed offers a variety of benefits to accelerate the new services development and innovate with smart data processing, including:
  • Smart processing of payload data to increase productivity and make efficient use of satellite resources
  • Stress – testing new applications ahead of the launch into space
  • Enabling edge computing directly on-board of small satellites
  • Accelerating the innovations roadmap of a space-based software applications enabled by AI / ML capabilities onboard a nanosatellite
  • Accelerating the developments of novel space-based services without the high expense and delay of launching a test satellite(s)
  • Empowering AI / ML – driven advances in operations and management of small satellites’ constellation to serve new space-based applications and sensor data analytics


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Spire Global Luxembourg S.a r.l. (LU)