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Ellipsis Earth Intelligence B.V. (NL)


The need: 
There is a need for an infrastructure solution that allows the creators of analytics to get their models launched in a dockerized environment and connected to the required data inputs (EO data and otherwise) in order to run them in a fully operational and scalable setting, and we need to provide a solution that makes the results ready for commercialization and easy use via endpoints that cater to the spatial data consumption needs of every downstream user, both technical and non-technical. This fills the current infrastructure gap that holds back effective (re)use of EO data and EO-powered models by industry professionals as well as the mainstream.

Project objectives: 
Our main technical and programmatic objective is to prototype an Information Factory (IF) that will enable data owners, analytics companies/model providers (including scientists) and end-users to host, find and ingest EO/spatial data to get them parsed into analytics pipelines/models and make them (and their derived products) available for direct integration and consumption in operational workflows at scale. The system we build enables people who are new to the ecosystem, or specialised in other aspects of data analytics, to use EO resources and automatically adhere to industry standards such as OpenEO and OGC protocols.

What is being developed: 
We propose to develop an Information Factory prototype where:

  1. Owners of spatial data (and derived products) can get their content published for high performance search, analytics, easy consumption and possible commercialization via industry standard endpoints, packages, protocols and tools under fitting permissions.
  2. Model creators can get models automatically dockerized for operational use and commercialization, and connect them to the appropriate EO/spatial data sources within the Information Factory.
  3. End users can (re)use these models on demand and have the outputs published for easy and high performance consumption via industry standard endpoints, packages, protocols and tools.


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Ellipsis Earth Intelligence B.V. (NL)