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This activity aims at developing an immersive visualization application associatedwith an EO use case. This implementation will benefit from and will allow the exploitation of some key techniques/technologies of Virtual and Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. The project contributes to demonstrating how Digital Twins can serve Policy and Decision Makers in understanding the status of relevant environmental parameters, simulating changes/phenomena andunderstanding their effects on those parameters through the modelling andrealistic rendering of what-if scenarios and the implementation of sensitivity analysis leveraging AR and explainable AI.

The scenario proposed as use case is an urban mobility application for the city of Copenhagen,built on a mobility model covering a large area including the entire city and surrounding municipalities, with data from 7 million users and 1.6 billion GPSpings. The tool will enable users to comprehend the ramifications of flood events on the broader transportation and mobility network, facilitating the alignment of such insights with various urban development scenarios. The immersive scenario will allow the user to experience a dynamic simulation of the city of Copenhagen during a hydrogeological emergency.

Specific project objectives include:
  • Define and develop an Immersive Visualisation scenario based on an EO use-case allowing immersive data visualisation and interactivity.
  • Define, model, develop and deploy an EO-specific application (Visu4EO app) for Immersive Visualisation.
  • Explore Advanced AI Techniques from eXplainable AI, Physics-inspired AI, and/or Generative AI for modelling, rendering, and user interactions.
  • Assess societal, ethical, scientific, and business impacts of Visu4EO issues and define roadmap for scaling up and adoption of this technology in EO leading to development of new business models.
  • Foster development of a community of providers and users of extended reality and immersive visualisation for EO, including private sector and academia, and adoption by end-users and policy-makers.


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Solenix Engineering GmbH (DE)
  • Bit Spa (IT)
  • MindEarth s.r.l. (IT)