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AI4EO Innovation pipeline for WFP partners – WFP Accelerator

WFP Innovation Accelerator (DE)


The United Nations (UN) World Food Programme (WFP) is saving lives in emergencies and changing lives for millions through sustainable development. The “WFP Innovation Accelerator” based in Germany explores the disruptive innovations, technologies and business models for the mother organisation WFP. This project seeks out cutting-edge innovations that use EO and AI technologies to address the challenges that WFP faces in its operations, while striving for business viability and industry leadership. The idea is to create an innovation pipeline to move from ideas to commercial applications, feeding into the ESA business programme. In particular, the project will source startups and SMEs, support the testing of prototypes, and then prepare them to apply for other incubation funding such as ESA and/or WFP Innovation Accelerator to further develop the prototype into a complete solution.
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WFP Innovation Accelerator (DE)