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CONSTRACK – Remote construction site monitoring



Usually, construction projects are structured through different phases: analysis, planning, design, construction, closing and post monitoring.

The project execution phase (Phase 2 – Construction) is usually the longest phase in the project life cycle and it typically consumes the most energy and the most resources. Global construction companies cannot be physically present all along the execution phase to control the implementation of the construction on-site.

Then, they are used to control advancement only from local contact reporting that may differ from the exact reality of the project status, and usually have high expenses in travelling around the different project sites to get frequent updates. So, monitoring this phase is crucial to prevent from financial, timing and quality risks.

Construction companies are then actively looking after monitoring remotely those construction sites to limit their presence on site and frequently get an unbiased vision of the project status.

The difficulty in applying automated techniques based on EO data to this market is the high degree of variability of features and processes to be detected and monitored. This project addresses this issue by concentrating on automated detection of anomalies and involving the construction companies to translate the anomalies into actual engineering information. The project is operating as a series of test cases to determine the viability of an eventual commercial market.


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