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SUNLIT – Synergy of Using Nadir and Limb Instruments for Tropospheric ozone monitoring



The SUNLIT project aimed at developing new global tropospheric ozone datasets using combination of total ozone column from OMI and TROPOMI with stratospheric ozone column dataset from several available limb-viewing instruments (MLS, OSIRIS, MIPAS, SCIAMACHY, OMPS-LP, GOMOS). The novelty of the SUNLIT approach is using measurements from several satellite instruments in limb-viewing geometry for deriving the stratospheric ozone column dataset.

Several methodological developments have been made within the project. The main datasets developed in the SUNLIT project are:

  • Monthly 1°x1° global tropospheric ozone column dataset using OMI and limb instruments
  • Monthly 1°x1° global tropospheric ozone column dataset using TROPOMI and limb instruments
  • Daily 1°x1° interpolated stratospheric ozone column from limb instruments.

The data are in open access at Sodankylä National Satellite Data centre

Other datasets, which are created as an intermediate step of creating the tropospheric ozone column data, have their own value. These datasets are daily gridded with 1°x1° horizonal resolution and include (i) homogenized and interpolated dataset of ozone profiles from limb instruments, (ii) stratospheric ozone column from limb instruments, and (iii) clear-sky and total ozone columns from nadir instruments.

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