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The Baltic rim countries are experiencing rapid economic growth with new transport and energy infrastructure, growing cities and ports, and agribusiness development. At the same time the Baltic region is subject to a range of different pressures driven by climate change and anthropogenic factors such as expanding demand for natural resources and increased stress on the natural environment due to agriculture, tourism, energy generation, waste streams, pollution and habitat modification. They all have impacts on the marine ecosystems (e.g. result in eutrophication, changing benthic habitats, coastal erosion, etc.). Therefore there is an increasing need for adaptive management strategies to address these anthropogenic impacts.


29-31 March 2017 Helsinki, Finland

C-TEP is a data access service dedicated to improving the efficiently of data-intensive research into our dynamic coastal areas

A data cube service as Earth Observation Factory





Meet us at the @EUSBSR Annual Forum 27 Sep -1 Oct! Find out how we are contributing to this year's theme and how we can REVITALISE the Strategy, RECOVER after COVID-19 together and RECHARGE for a greener and more resilient #BalticSeaRegion ➡️

For the rest of today #BSRWATER conference discusses present and future: how we can adapt our cities to the existing and emerging climate challenges, and how the future cooperation can continue!
With us now: @CBSSsecretariat @HELCOMInfo @InterregBSR #Riga #Helsinki #Gdansk #Turku

Today @VASAB_org & @HELCOMInfo joined the #EUSBSR webinar for Polish stakeholders to introduce with the coordination of the @EUSBSR policy area #SpatialPlanning and its #flagships - projects #Capacity4MSP and #MARAmobility

THANX for inviting me to present @PanBalticScope results and get inspirations for on-going work on ToRD transboundary ocean & coastal governance in @ICES_ASC WGMPCZM! Great to collect thoughts on how to manage and think LSI in MSP over the latest projects and marine basins!

The Baltic Sea Climate Change Fact Sheet 2021 is published today, as a collaborative work of HELCOM and Baltic Earth. More than 100 experts from the Baltic Sea region have contributed to the easily accessible fact sheet.

We are looking forward tuning in on #RiDaysEU today and tomorrow. Lots of interesting sessions on enabling #innovation, citizens and future #reseach directions.

Why should I participate in the #EUSBSR Annual Forum? “To experience the added value of European Cooperation in the Baltic Sea region, and to explore the mechanisms and opportunities with the Green recovery.”- Mantas Jurgutis/UBC President #UBC_BSR #UBC30


Working with children and youth? Take part in a seminar next week to discuss their role in #BalticSeaRegion resilience. You will also hear about the project ChYResilience #FundedbySI

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#WorldCleanUpDay is just a few hours away⏰.

Thousands of volunteers across the 🌍 will gather at the beach to #BeatPlasticPollution.

Are you in Portugal 🇵🇹? Join one of the 150+ coastal & underwater #EUBeachCleanup events with @OceanoAzulF!


#Sealevel forecasts & observations are now available in two height systems: #N2000 (=BSCD2000) and theoretical mean water (=MW /MSL). Until today, the sea level has been in MW only. See the observations and forecasts referenced to both systems:

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