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The Baltic rim countries are experiencing rapid economic growth with new transport and energy infrastructure, growing cities and ports, and agribusiness development. At the same time the Baltic region is subject to a range of different pressures driven by climate change and anthropogenic factors such as expanding demand for natural resources and increased stress on the natural environment due to agriculture, tourism, energy generation, waste streams, pollution and habitat modification. They all have impacts on the marine ecosystems (e.g. result in eutrophication, changing benthic habitats, coastal erosion, etc.). Therefore there is an increasing need for adaptive management strategies to address these anthropogenic impacts.


29-31 March 2017 Helsinki, Finland

C-TEP is a data access service dedicated to improving the efficiently of data-intensive research into our dynamic coastal areas

A cube service for Earth Observation data exploitation





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A full day and 1,5 more to come in considering content of draft strategic research agenda for #Baltic and #North #Sea @BANOS_CSA. I call for still improved understanding of interaction between human stressors and impacts & a holistic approach addressing also cumulative impacts.

Week of online #BSR #MSP events continues. 20th meeting of @HELCOMInfo @VASAB_org MSP Working Group starts. Importants topics to be discussed - MSP Roadmap beyond 2020 and MSP in the new HELCOM #BalticSea Action Plan.

Our report on evaluation of MSP now available @PanBalticScope website. The report includes conceptual basis + examples from Latvia and Poland (+ briefly from Belgium and Germany) 🇱🇻🇲🇨🇧🇪🇩🇪
& two page executive summary for the busy people

Dear friends, due to the current corona virus situation, the organizing committee has decided to cancel the 3rd Baltic Earth Conference in June. We will decide in the next few days on any possible postponement/new dates. We will keep you updated! Stay home, healthy and with us!

Take a break from the world going up and down and check the new @bonusbasmati video on sustainability in impact assessment frameworks! #MSP #Sustainability #BalticSea

UBC Safe Cities Commission video meeting regarding COVID-19 pandemic will be held on 27 March 2020, 12.00 CET. Read more and join: #UBC_BSR

Swedish Institute took part in a meeting with EU macro-regional experts to discuss opportunities that transnational cooperation can give. Plans & preparation after the crisis. The cooperation is still strong!

The @EBI_Boating's newsletter is out! Make sure you don't miss the latest updates in the area of #European #Boating industry!

The lack of positive control materials is among the 3 top challenges faced by labs for the reliable use of #coronavirus tests – our scientists designed a new control material that will ensure tests are working correctly 👉!mV37bW #EUsolidarity

Simulating the Columbia River plume with Thetis circulation model. The plume is large (>50 km) and thin (~5 m). It responds rapidly to wind conditions (arrows indicate winds stress). (1/3)
#oceanmodel #riverplume #columbiariver #thetisoceanmodel

On the retrieval of internal temperature of Antarctica Ice Sheet by using SMOS observations
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Latitude dependence of interhemispheric field‐aligned currents (IHFACs) as observed by the Swarm constellation
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Validation of SMOS sea ice thickness retrieval in the northern Baltic Sea
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