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The Baltic rim countries are experiencing rapid economic growth with new transport and energy infrastructure, growing cities and ports, and agribusiness development. At the same time the Baltic region is subject to a range of different pressures driven by climate change and anthropogenic factors such as expanding demand for natural resources and increased stress on the natural environment due to agriculture, tourism, energy generation, waste streams, pollution and habitat modification. They all have impacts on the marine ecosystems (e.g. result in eutrophication, changing benthic habitats, coastal erosion, etc.). Therefore there is an increasing need for adaptive management strategies to address these anthropogenic impacts.


29-31 March 2017 Helsinki, Finland

C-TEP is a data access service dedicated to improving the efficiently of data-intensive research into our dynamic coastal areas

A data cube service as Earth Observation Factory





We are inspired by the initiative, innovation and power of young people of the #BalticSeaRegion every day. The future of our region is in the hands of those who act today. Happy #YouthDay!

🌊 #OurBaltic conference
27-28 September 🇱🇹

🌊 Why?
Because we need cleaner waters

🌊 Marine life to thrive
Healthy nature and people

Let’s not settle for anything less!


Join the MAMBA project for its Final web conference on the 3, 10, and 17 of September 2020, for three online sessions full of interesting stories, insightful discussions and inspiring speakers. Find out more and register here:

Our report on evaluation of MSP now available @PanBalticScope website. The report includes conceptual basis + examples from Latvia and Poland (+ briefly from Belgium and Germany) 🇱🇻🇲🇨🇧🇪🇩🇪
& two page executive summary for the busy people

We had a smooth and interesting online 3rd Baltic Earth Conference, yesterday and today, with about 80 participants! Thanks all for your interest & contributions! More discussion time next time! See the proceedings with all abstracts here...

Take a break from the world going up and down and check the new @bonusbasmati video on sustainability in impact assessment frameworks! #MSP #Sustainability #BalticSea

Join the UBC webinar "Changing habits: from cultural creation to participation" on 8 September 2020 at 10:00 CET and present your cases, share experiences or announce invitations. The call for presentations is prolonged until 21 August 2020. @UBC_BSR

Svenska institutet har en pågående upphandling om konsultstöd för sin Östersjöverksamhet. Mer information: #upphandling

Maritime Spatial Planning acts as catalyst for #BlueGrowth, a study reveals.
From promoting conflict resolutions over the use of sea space to increased stability, find out how #MPS benefits the #BlueEconomy!
Read the report here ➡️!Tx79jq

*SURVEY* How do you use #EMODnet? We would love to hear from you! Help shape EMODnet’s future with this short online #Survey (by 7 October 2020)


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#Uivelo on a mission, again! The #glider was deployed off Rauma in the Bothnian Sea. This is the first mission during Summer blooming. @FMI_Marine #Slocum #BothnianSea @SYKE_EO #TARKKA


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