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The Baltic rim countries are experiencing rapid economic growth with new transport and energy infrastructure, growing cities and ports, and agribusiness development. At the same time the Baltic region is subject to a range of different pressures driven by climate change and anthropogenic factors such as expanding demand for natural resources and increased stress on the natural environment due to agriculture, tourism, energy generation, waste streams, pollution and habitat modification. They all have impacts on the marine ecosystems (e.g. result in eutrophication, changing benthic habitats, coastal erosion, etc.). Therefore there is an increasing need for adaptive management strategies to address these anthropogenic impacts.


29-31 March 2017 Helsinki, Finland

C-TEP is a data access service dedicated to improving the efficiently of data-intensive research into our dynamic coastal areas

A cube service for Earth Observation data exploitation





Today we had the pleasure of welcoming our colleagues from @UBC_BSR to the office. Our DG, DDG and Senior Advisers met with UBC Secretary General Pawel Zaboklicki, UBC President Mantas Jurgutis and Marko Paunovic from Out of the Box International.

Area-based management tools, like mobile MPAs, are critically important to help protect marine biodiversity from climate change, bycatch & other pressures. Congrats @4kgjerde & the team for an excellent @sciencemagazine paper:

Together with the conclusion of @PanBalticScope project @VASAB_org with support from @BEF_Latvia and Hendriksson&Ko has published its work on the Assessment of Application of Baltic Sea Common Regional #maritimespatialplanning Framework. #BSR Find it here:

Our report on evaluation of MSP now available @PanBalticScope website. The report includes conceptual basis + examples from Latvia and Poland (+ briefly from Belgium and Germany) 🇱🇻🇲🇨🇧🇪🇩🇪
& two page executive summary for the busy people

Final reminder for our Baltic Earth Session at EGU2020! Abstract submission deadline: 15 January 2020, 13:00 CET!
"Climate change and other drivers of environmental change: Developments, interlinkages and impacts in regional seas and coastal regions"

Eva Ehrnsten defended today her doctoral thesis on modelling benthic fauna in the #baltic. Congratulations Eva and the supervisors @anorkko and Bo Gustafsson @BalticAPP @BONUSBaltic !

Celebrate the New Year 🎉 by joining CIVITAS study visits in 2020! Witness #sustainable #urban #mobility in European cities leading in the field, like #Madrid 🇪🇸, #Szeged 🇭🇺 and #Vinnytsia 🇺🇦. Financial support is available for some visiting cities. Info👉

How to improve the emergency preparedness in the #BalticSeaRegion countries? Attend a workshop by #MadeWithInterreg @ResQU2Platform to find out about guidelines, procedures and lessons learned so far. #SAR #marinesafety

How can access to open data be a driver for innovation and economic growth? Östergötland county in Sweden aims to establish a roadmap together with public actors in Estonia and Moldova in the project “Open Data for Growth”. #EUSBSR #EasternPartnership


Join us for a public event on marine biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction with talks by leading marine science & policy experts, followed by a Q&A!

Register here:

@UoEGeosStudents @GeosciencesEd @EdinburghUni

Looking forward to speaking on 22 January at @UNESCOVenice workshop (21-23 Jan) ‘The #Mediterranean #Sea We Need for the Future We Want’ for the UN Decade of #OceanScience for #SustainableDevelopment 2021-2030
ℹ️ 🇪🇺 #OceanDecade #SDG14 #OurOcean #OceanData

Jan-Victor Björkqvist defended his dissertation ”Waves in Archipelagos” today, with great success. His opponent was Dr. Luigi Cavaleri. @FMI_Marine #waves #archipelago #models #measurements #GulfofFinland #ArchipelagoSea


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