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MONiCA: Development of Standardised Practices for Monitoring Landscape Values and Natural Capital Assessment

Astri Polska (PL)


The MONiCA project addresses the increasing need for natural capital preservation and landscape protection. The project aims to develop a series of customised indicators allowing to integrate EO datasets with other non-EO data into regional working practices related to natural capital assessment and landscape auditing. The solution is dedicated to the Mazovian Office of Regional Planning subordinated to the Mazovian Marshall (Voivodeship) Office in Poland. Additionally to the EO indicators the project will develope an analysis support software tool. The developed service will provide automatic data processing, combining all processing steps to provide intermediate products (land cover, investment, humidity/moisture maps) as well as identified landscape types and their indicators. As the service is to be versatile and scalable, it can be hosted on different platforms like The Mazovian Voivodeship Office’s own servers or DIAS, and potentially it can be implemented by other voivodeships in the future. The scope of the project is also to prepare a future uptake roadmap, summarising the recommendations for extending the prepared monitoring approach to the other regions and will draft the funding sources for implementing the enhanced methodology to a wider number of regions.


The project is part of the ESA Polish Industrial Incentive Scheme.



Prime contractor
Astri Polska (PL)
  • Geosystems Polska (PL)
  • Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (IGiK) (PL)
  • Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK-PAN) (PL)