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LACUS: Development and Testing of Novel Approaches for Monitoring of Tailings Storage Facilities Based on EO and IoT

Davra Networks Ltd (IE)


The service proposed under this project offered an improved method in monitoring mine tailings sites by amalgamating ubiquitous ground sensor data with EO. The activity developed a means of providing near-real-time views of mine tailings’ perimeter changes and fill levels in order to provide more comprehensive datasets, which can be used to forecast potential physical breaches or environmental regulation breaches by employing live monitoring and the use of artificial intelligence. As mining laws vary widely from country to country, the industry is largely self-policed from a regulatory perspective, hence the commercial scope for atrusted and uniform monitoring solution has significant commercial value. It was the goal of the project that the solution developed can be used globally in a variety of mining environments, once commercialised.

The activity received consultancy support from the following entities: National University of Ireland Maynooth (expertisein in decision support systems which incorporate EO and ground truth data) and Odyssey VC Ireland (expertise in regulatory and business environment associated with the mining industry).


Prime contractor
Davra Networks Ltd (IE)