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Small Satellite Exploitation Accelerator: Video and Fast Update Imaging

Earth-i Ltd (GB)


Among the innovative data collection capabilities being developed in Europe, video and fast update imaging is widely considered to be enabling for a range of application domains. The “Small Satellite Exploitation Accelerator” project will

• Set up, deliver and demonstrate the capability to support a target set of operational applications that integrate video/fast update imagery from small satellites with other operational satellite and conventional datasets and analytic processes.

• Test the various working approaches with respect to their suitability for small satellite developers and for fostering cooperation between small satellite developers/operators and existing actors in the EO and geographic information domain

A set of use cases will be co-developed in partnership with selected users with the objective to accelerate integration of new data sources into European public sector operational applications and deliver “capability gap filling” of existing and planned Copernicus services.

The project will also explore and address needs for advanced EO applications within private sector users and other international users that could not otherwise be met by conventional EO and non-EO systems. In addition, this activity is aimed to advance information requirements collection for applications based on advanced VHR sensors (high resolution, high revisit, now casting, 3D mapping etc).


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Earth-i Ltd (GB)