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CadasterENV Austria, Multi-Scale and Multi-Purpose Land Cover Monitoring System in Austria

GeoVille (AT)


In order to meet the reporting obligations from international conventions, European directives and national legislations, countries are required to produce up to date, detailed and harmonised information on their land cover and its use, at different scales, and for different domains of applications. Austria initiated its Land Information System Austria (LISA) in 2010 with the objective to achieve a national consensus on how to perform a continuous mapping of the national land cover and monitor its use.

The CadasteENV Austria project aimed at developing a national multi-scale and multi-purpose Land Cover mapping and monitoring system in Austria according to the national specifications defined by the LISA project. The principal objectives of CadasterENV Austria was
– the Integration of Pléiades satellite data in the LISA production chain
– the production of VHR land cover in Austrian urban agglomerations (10,000 km2)
– the development of methods to detect areas with frequent changes (hot spots) based on high resolution satellite images (SPOT 4/5 in preparation to the Sentinel 2 exploitation)
– the production of a hot spot change maps (Land Cover Change Alerts) for the whole of Austria.

The project was extended with the GSE CadasterENV project to integrate Sentinel-2 into the existing Land Information System Austria (LISA), and to operationalize a national Land Monitoring System, which is multi-temporal (bringing the annual seasonality/variability of land cover / land use to LISA), multi-scale (integrating Sentinel 2 observations with VHR imagery from Pleiades and national airborne campaigns) and multi-purpose (responding to user needs from different land sectorial communities). Five S2-based innovative products were developed (HR Land Cover Mapping, Enriched VHR Land Cover Mapping, Land Cover Change Alert, Land Use Monitoring and Ecosystem Monitoring) and validated over a number of representative pilot areas.


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