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EO Clinic: Estimating Irrigation Potential in Romania

GeoVille (AT)


EO Clinic support requested by: World Bank Group (WBG) Agriculture and Food Global Practice, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Department
Requesting activity: Romania – Common Agriculture Policy Programming Support
Requesting activity type: Technical Assistance (TA)

EO Clinic relevant Thematic Groups: TG1 (Agriculture), TG10 (Water Resources Management)

Work Order number: EOC0018
Work Order status: Completed
Work Order start: 2021 Apr 09
Work Order end: 2021 May 18


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) of Romania is collaborating with the World Bank in preparing Romania’s CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) Strategic Plan for 2021–2027. Under this collaboration project, the Bank provides support through a number of conceptual and technical studies that are expected to inform the formulation of the Strategic Plan, including an irrigation sector study (Study 1). The study will support the identification, spatial analysis, and mapping of current irrigation areas in Romania and, in addition, an assessment of Romania’s principal irrigation potential based on available water resources.

In addition, the World Bank team will also provide support to strengthen MARD’s administrative and technical capacity to prepare the CAP Strategic Plan. This type of support is demand-driven and will be specified as the implementation of the assistance proceeds. The expected results of the World Bank’s technical assistance support include the timely preparation and delivery of these analytical studies that provide (a) a sound quantitative and/ or qualitative analysis of the status and constraints in selected sub-sectors and/or rural areas; (b) menus of interventions to ensure expected CAP impacts and outcomes; and (c) the principles and delivery modalities of future CAP measures to beneficiaries in Romania. The expected outcome of the project is to allow MARD to prepare a forward-looking comprehensive CAP Strategic Plan that meets EU requirements and expectations, based on relevant analytical input and through strengthened administrative capacity in sector strategy formulation.

The current EO Clinic support would be input into the first study mentioned above, to develop a pilot and demonstration approach to mapping and assessing irrigation areas and areas with irrigation potential in Romania.

Problems to be Addressed and Geospatial Information Gaps

A good overview of the complex irrigation situation in Romania and its associated issues are given in the 2018 publication by the World Bank Group’s Water Global Practice: Romania Water Diagnostic Report – Moving toward EU Compliance, Inclusion, and Water Security [1], in particular in Section 5 of its Executive Summary and chapters 5 and 6.

Information Services to be Delivered

  • Service 1: Irrigated Crops and Irrigation Potential Mapping

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