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Spatiotemporal SEN2VHR: Enhanced Spatiotemporal Land Change Monitoring Based on Sentinel-2 Time Series and VHR Images

Mapradix s.r.o. (CZ)


This project is building on the results of a precursor ESA activity (“Feasibility Study on Enhanced Land Resources Monitoring Based on Synergy use of Sentinel-2 TimeSeries and VHR Images” (SEN2VHR).”). The precursor proved the technical feasibility of combining Sentinel-2 time series with VHR images. An initial SEN2VHR value added product was designed and verified in ‘laboratory’ environment. The present activity will enhance the robustness of the developed SEN2VHR prototype system, by true spatiotemporal modelling, and verify it against current state-of-the-art operational services, at the two spatial scales simultaneously (High Resolution and Very High Resolution), by taking the Copernicus land products as a reference baseline. Two types of thematic use cases are planned: forest change monitoring and urbanexpansion monitoring.


Prime contractor
Mapradix s.r.o. (CZ)
  • Czech Technical University (CZ)