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The objective of the ForEarth project is to provide a mobile-oriented environmental alert service dedicated to public institutions, scientists and citizens to keep a close watch on their surrounding environment based on freely-available satellite Earth Observation data. A microservices infrastructure, customised for hosting EO data will be developed and deployed. The infrastructure will be accessed by an EO-specific social networking smartphone app, SnapPlanet, which empowers users of any skill level to trigger web processing of selected EO products and view or download the results.
The service will address questions about local environmental variables, through simple and robust remote sensing techniques: change detection over forest, surface water in reservoir dams, irrigated surface area detection. The targeted audience are non-experts: local businesses or simply curious citizens, NGOs, consulting or insurance companies that would not be capable to get this information from elsewhere and in a near real time. More advanced users could use the enquiries collected from users as a feedback to learn what environmental issues are common in the place where the users are querying the app.


Sustainable Development
Prime contractor
  • Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) (FR)