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Nemo-RBS: Nemo-HD Microsatellite for River Basin Scannings and Observations of SDG Hotspots

Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies (SPACE-SI) (SI)


The Nemo-HD microsatellite was recently launched by SPACE-SI. This is a very agile multi-payload spacecraft that explores new EO concepts by combining multispectral imaging with video acquisitions for low latency and real-time EO services. In this project the remarkable capabilities of the Nemo-HD microsatellite will be applied to rapidly prototype new EO operations dedicated to River Basin Scannings (RBS) where several very useful features of Nemo-HD will be integrated and validated. The technical characteristics of Nemo-HD together with its advanced Guidance, Navigation and Control systems make the satellite so agile and GNC-capable that it can conveniently track and monitor across-track features such as long rivers in order to acquire multispectral data and video at a GSD of at least 2.8 m with a 10 km swath. It is expected that Nemo-HD will thus complement Copernicus Sentinel-2 data for river basin EO products. The outputs will apply rapid prototyping and validation for RBS operations in the Danube and Ionian-Adriatic macroregions.


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Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies (SPACE-SI) (SI)