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Common Architecture

Via the Common Architecture activities, ESA is funding the definition of an open architecture and related software implementation for a generic exploitation platform that can be used by interested parties to kick-start their activities. The architecture relies on open interfaces based on open standards and reuses as much as possible existing open source components in order to achieve a truly open solution. ESA works within the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and Open Source Community to ensure the availability of all the needed elements.

The evolution of the architecture and its software components will follow an iterative approach based on use cases that are incrementally supported by the architecture.

The  Common Architecture  addresses the following main domain areas:

  • Identity and Authorisation Management

How can a user access different resources (platforms, data, services) using a single federated identity (user account).

  • Data Processing and Processing Chaining

How can a user define, deploy and execute algorithms/applications in a portable manner across different platforms. The algorithm/application can either be single executable or a more complex workflow, in which case the chaining of multiple single algorithms may be needed.

  • Data, Application and Service Discovery and Access

How can a user (directly, with an application, etc) discover and access data efficiently across the exploitation platforms for analysis, visualisation, etc. How can a user discover and access application or services made available by other users.

More information can be found on the EOEPCA Portal.