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OrthoVHR: Automatic Orthorectification Service For Very High-Resolution Optical Satellite Data



The main objective of this project is to develop a prototype automatic orthorectification service for optical satellite images that will be ready for deployment into the cloud.

The project will specify, implement and test a service for automatic orthorectification of optical high-resolution (HR) and very high-resolution (VHR) satellite images based on a prototype system (STORM) developed previously.

The service will interface with existing elements in the European EO platform services ecosystem (eg thematic exploitation platforms, DIAS, etc) and will meet the demands of the remote sensing community and other public or private sector users interested in reliable, high accuracy and fast orthorectification of data for various applications.

The primary objective is for the service to be easy to use, in particular by non-experts and this will be reflected in the primary user interface although other interface options will also be put in place.


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