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3D-Earth The goal of this project is establish a global 3D reference model model of the crust and upper mantle based on the analysis of satellite gravity and (electro-)magnetic missions in combination with seismological models and analyse the feedback [...] UNIVERSITY OF KIEL (DE) Science
ConsIstent Retrieval of Cloud Aerosol Surface CIRCAS aims at providing a set of atmospheric (cloud and aerosol) and surface (albedo) products derived from S3A/SLSTR observations retrieved using the same radiative transfer physics and assumptions.The retrieval is based on the CISAR (Combined [...] RAYFERENCE SPRL (BE) Science
CryoSat Plus For Oceans (CP4O) The “CryoSat Plus for Oceans” (CP4O) project, supported by the ESA Support to Science Element (STSE) Programme and by CNES, was dedicated to the exploitation of CryoSat-2 data over the open and coastal ocean. The general objectives of the CP4O [...] SATELLITE OCEANOGRAPHIC CONSULTANTS LTD. (GB) Science
CryoSat+ Mountain Glaciers The purpose of this project is to quantify the volume, mass change and contribution to sea level change of mountain glaciers using dataset from the CryoSat satellite radar altimeter. Here we propose to generate mountain glacier elevation and [...] UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH (GB) Science
Development of pan-European Multi-Sensor Snow Mapping Methods Exploiting Sentinel-1 The main objective is the development, implementation and validation of methods and tools for generating maps of snowmelt area based on SAR data of the Sentinel-1 mission and the combination with snow products derived from optical sensors of [...] ENVEO – ENVIRONMENTAL EARTH OBSERVATION INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GMBH (AT) Science
GOCE++Dynamic Topography at the Coast and Tide Gauge Unification (DYCOT) The objective of this activity is a consolidated and improved understanding and modelling of coastal processes and physics responsible for sea level changes on various temporal/spatial scales. In practice, this study shall combine several [...] TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DENMARK (DK) Science
Improved Atmospheric Spectroscopy Databases Enable better exploitation of ESA atmospheric satellite missions by the measurement/provision of improved spectroscopic reference data sets.This project includes two main activities: one on the generation of improved spectroscopy in the SWIR [...] DLR – GERMAN AEROSPACE CENTER (DE) Science
SEN-ET: Sentinels for Evapotranspiration Satellite remote sensing of evapotranspiration is an essential part of the global observation system and provides inputs for agriculture, water resources management, weather forecasts, climate studies and many other applications. Easy access to [...] DHI GRAS A/S (DK) Science
Sentinel-1 for Surface Soil Moisture Develop, implement and test soil moisture retrieval methods using Sentinel-1 dataThe C-band Sentinel-1 (S-1) European Radar Observatory, with its two satellites (S-1A & B), is the only operating SAR mission with monitoring capabilities, [...] CNR, CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHE (IT) Science
Sentinel-2 Global Land Cover This activity aims at setting up a solid scientific basis for the development of advance land cover classification strategies to exploit the new capabilities of Sentinel-2 in view of generating future global land cover mapThis project will focus [...] SPACE RESEARCH CENTRE, POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (PL) Science
Sentinel-2 Radiometry Validation Development and inter-comparison of algorithms for validating the radiometry of Sentinel-2 Level-1 products.According to the definition used by the Working Group on Calibration and Validation (WGCV) of the international Committee on Earth [...] RAYFERENCE SPRL (BE) Science
Sentinel-3 for Science, Land Study 1: Snow This SEOM study is to develop, implement and validate algorithms for deriving several key snow parameters from Sentinel 3 optical satellite data, appropriate for addressing ESA’s Cryosphere challenge (Seasonal snow, lake/river ice and land ice, [...] GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF DENMARK AND GREENLAND (DK) Science
Sentinel-3 Primary Production over Land Gross primary production (GPP) and terrestrial net primary production (NPP) are fundamental quantities in the global carbon cycle, and for the production of food, fibre and biomass for human use. This project aims at exploiting Sentinel-3 data [...] VLAAMSE INSTELLING VOOR TECHNOLOGISCH ONDERZOEK VITO (BE) Science
SMOS+ Med: Sea Surface Salinity in the Mediterranean Ocean salinity reflects precipitation and evaporation rates, river runoff and ice formation and melting. It is an essential variable for the Earth's climate, because it influences ocean circulation, convection and mixing, through its effect on [...] UNIVERSITY OF LIEGE (BE) Science
SMOS+ Rainfall Several recent studies have concluded that climate change causes major changes in the global water cycle. There is increasing evidence that part of the multi-decadal trends observed on the sea surface salinity (SSS) are due to changes in the [...] CNRS, DELEGATION REGIONALE ALPES (FR) Science
STSE CRYOSAT+ CRYOTOP EVOLUTION EXPRO+ The aim of the CryoTop Evolution is to generate L2, L3 and L4 products over the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets from swath processing of CryoSat SARIn mode data.

The CryoTop datasets contain surface elevation generated from swath [...]
Technology and atmospheric mission platform – OPerations (TOP) The proposed atmospheric mission platform has the twofold aim of demonstrating that (1) multiple data sources (the "data triangle" namely satellite-based products, numerical model output, and ground measurements) can be simultaneously exploited [...] SISTEMA GMBH (AT) Digital Platform Services
WACMOS Irrigation Irrigation is one of the greatest human intervention in the hydrological cycle. The knowledge of the distribution, the extent of irrigated areas and the amount of water used by irrigation is needed for different purposes: 1) modelling irrigation [...] CNR, CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHE (IT) Science