Living Planet Fellowship workshop 2020

The annual Living Planet Fellowship workshop took place online on 03 December.
On this occasion, the Living Planet Fellows presented their research projects and their scientific results, exchanged ideas and interacted with ESA scientists, fellows and YGTs, showcasing scientific exploitation of Copernicus Sentinels, ESA Earth Explorers, the long-term series of ESA data archives, as well as meteorological and non-ESA missions on a wide range of Earth System Science themes.

Presentations are available on this page.




Biosphere & Extremes

09:05Francescopaolo SicaHI-FIVE: High-Resolution Forest Coverage with InSAR & Deforestation Surveillance
09:30Mariette VreugdenhilSHRED: Sentinel-1 for High REsolution monitoring of vegetation Dynamics
09:55Marco CelestiMULTI-FLEX: Towards a strategy for fluorescence monitoring scales within the context of the Flex/S3 tandem mission
10:20Jasdeep S. AnandEOCYTES: Evaluation of the effect of Ozone on Crop Yields and the TErrestrial carbon pool using Satellite data
11:00Javier GorronoDevelopment of uncertainty estimates for Sentinel 2 surface reflectance products
11:15Sophia WaltherVegetation and drought: towards improved data-driven estimates of ecosystem carbon fluxes under moisture stress
11:30Cassandra NormandinCombining Sentinel 1-2-3 for the monitoring of the Kuiseb River – Namibia
11:45Zina MitrakaLarge scale exploitation of satellite data for the assessment of urban surface temperatures
12:00Anna KontuL-band observations of soil and trees in freezing/thawing conditions
12:15Matthew GaddesVolcano Monitoring using Deep Learning


13:15Jack LandyArctic-SummIT: Arctic Summer Ice Thickness
13:40Bas AltenaICEFLOW: short-term movements in the Cryosphere
14:05Florent GarnierImproved sea-ice thickness records from satellite altimeters: Towards new sea-ice volume estimates and application to climate change studies
14:20Thorsten Christian SeehausMass balance and ice dynamics of Antarctic Peninsula glaciers

Atmosphere & Oceans

14:45Andreas SchneiderWIFT: Water vapour Isotopologues from TROPOMI
15:10Tim TrentWater cyclE changes characterised from ATmospHeric moisturE Recycling
15:25Carlo ArosioSOLVE: Stratospheric Ozone from Limb observations: Validation of the profiles, Evaluation of trends and their dynamical and chemical drivers
15:40Audrey HassonSMOWS: Satellite Mode Waters Salinity, in synergy with Temperature and Sea Level
16:05Alice CarretOVALIE: Oceanic intrinsic Variability versus Atmospheric forced Variability of sea level change
16:30Marco BellaciccoPhysioGlob: Assessing the inter-annual physiological response of phytoplankton to global warming using long- term satellite observations

Solid Earth and near Earth current systems

17:05Wolfgang SzwillusDiscrete Bayesian Inversion of Satellite Gravity
17:20William ArcherThe ionospheric signature of auroral and subauroral fast flows
17:55Ivan PakhotinSIEMIC: Swarm Investigation of the Energetics of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling
18:20Devin HuyghebaertA Swarm, SuperDARN, and ICEBEAR Collaboration – Turbulent E-region Aurora Measurements
18:35 End of Workshop