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Anna Kontu

What is the temperature dependence of boreal forest permittivity at L-band?

Anna works at the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s Arctic Space Station in Sodankylä, Finland, as Research Infrastructure PI. She has been with FMI in Sodankylä since 2006 specializing in passive microwave remote sensing of seasonal snow, in situ snow measurements and snow microstructure.

She completed her Masters degree (M.Sc.Tech.) at the Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo, Finland, in 2006 and wrote her Masters thesis about the pre-flight tests of the SMOS satellite calibration subsystem. She completed her doctorate (D.Sc.Tech.) at Aalto University, Espoo, Finland, in 2018. Her thesis focused on effect of snow microstructure and subnivean water bodies on microwave radiometry of seasonal snow.

Research objectives

The aim of her project is to develop a model for boreal forest transmissivity dependence on temperature and to study possibilities for detecting soil thawing through melting snow.

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