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10th ESA Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing

Videos, presentations and practical materials


Course materials from the 10th Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing held on 20-24 September 2021 in a hybrid format (both online and in presence in Ljubljana, Slovenia)


Day 1 – Monday 20th September 2021

  • Course Introduction
  • Space-related activities in Slovenia: Astrophysics
  • AI@EDGE – Nanosatellites as Cost Efficient Space Probes
  • Earth Observation in Slovenia
  • SPACE-SI Satellite Systems & Services
  • ESA Earth Observation, Science for Society & Forests
  • Sentinel-1 Mission Status
  • Sentinel-2 Mission Status
  • Sentinel-3 Mission Status
  • The Biomass Mission – ESA’s Forest mission
  • ESA EO and Copernicus data access
  • Introduction to Optical Remote Sensing for Forestry
  • Introduction to Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for Forest (In-SAR and Pol-SAR)

Day 2 – Tuesday 21th September 2021

  • Multi-baseline Polarimetric SAR Interferometry: Forest Applications
  • Forest fires with optical and thermal remote sensing observations
  • Natural disturbances of forests : lecture

Day 3 – Wednesday 22th September 2021

  • Forest cover monitoring and change detection with optical and radar remote sensing
  • Deforestation, forest degradation and REDD+
  • Tropical Moist Forest Monitoring
  • Forest Degradation Monitoring Using an Optical/ Radar-based Approach
  • Sentinel-2 Composites for the Tropics
  • Satellite Image Time Series for Forest Disturbance Monitoring in Slovenia
  • Bark beetle damage detection with UAV, Sentinel-2 and MODIS in Slovenia
  • Forest inventories and remote sensing
  • UAV – Microdrones and Multispectral sensing
  • Observing forest regeneration using long term satellite image series

Day 4 – Thursday 23th September 2021

  • Accuracy in Forest Mapping
  • Streamlined observations of forests using EO Browser and eo-learn

Day 5 – Friday 24th September 2021

  • Artificial Intelligence and Forestry

Training materials

  •   ESA SNAP Toolbox Introduction (817 MB)
  •   SNAP S1 Exercise Forest Monitoring (2 GB)
  • Natural Disturbances of Forests (14 GB)
  • SNAP S2-S3 Exercise Active-Fires Burned Scars (5 GB)
  • EO learn workshop (271 MB)
  • AI for Forests Practicals (6 MB)
  • Forestry TEP: Platform solution for forest analyses