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Project Abstract Prime Company Domain
Arctic Crowdsourcing This project will develop enhanced Earth Observations (EO) services for Arctic applications planned for C-CORE’s Coresight Platform to include community/crowd sourced very high resolution drone data and other forms of field data that support [...] C-CORE CENTRE FOR COLD OCEAN RESOURCES ENGINEERING (CA) Digital Platform Services
Business Model Validation for Exploitation Platforms This activity shall validate the specific business model of the EODC initiative for its possible reuse in the context of the Exploitation Platform programmatic activities. EODC EARTH OBSERVATION DATA CENTRE FOR WATER RESOURCES MONITORING (AT) Digital Platform Services
Cloudfree Mosaic Platform Pathfinder This activity shall demonstrate platform efficiency in generatong a worldwide cloudfree Sentinel-2 mosaic at full resolution EOX IT SERVICES GMBH (AT) Digital Platform Services
Coastal Thematic Exploitation Platform Through the provision of access to large volumes of EO and in-situ data, computing resources, algorithm development space and the fundamental processing software required to extract temporal and spatial information from Big Data, C-TEP shall [...] ACRI-ST S.A.S. (FR) Digital Platform Services
Commercial Service Platform Pathfinder This activitiy exlores interaction of e-commerce platforms with production platforms to provide an optimised solution for on-line commercial applications CLOUDEO AG (DE) Digital Platform Services
CoTec: Common Basic Technologies for Space Data Processing The project analysed our common basic cloud technologies can be used to enable the brokering of EO data processing across different cloud environments. SIXSQ SARL (CH) Digital Platform Services
Datacube Demonstration for TPM The service shall enables advanced data access and retrieval capabilities on global to local / low to very high resolution EO products, based on OGC WCS and WCPS APIs. The project implements a showcase for Landsat European coverage and [...] MEEO S.R.L. (IT) Digital Platform Services
Education Platform This activity will provide a platform for educational purposes SINERGISE LTD. (SI) Digital Platform Services
EO Innovation Platform Testbed Poland The project shall validate procurement mechanisms for a cloud-based resource tier, offering bundled infrastructure (IaaS) and data services (DaaS) to the users, based at minimum on MERIS full resolution, S-2 and Landsat data, possibly extending [...] CREOTECH INSTRUMENTS SA (PL) Digital Platform Services
Federated Identity Management Pathfinders Several different activities to explore the notion of having Federated Identities for EO Exploitation, allowing a user to access services using its home organisation account, e.g. university account being used to access a DLR service or an ATOS [...] CGI IT UK LIMITED (GB) Digital Platform Services
Food Security Thematic Exploitation Platform The main goal of this activity is to develop a Thematic Exploitation Platform (TEP) dedicated to Food Security in order to support sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries by providing access to data, processing tools and computing [...] VISTA GEOWISSENSCHAFTLICHE FERNERKUNDUNG GMBH (DE) Digital Platform Services
Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform (Forestry TEP) shall enable commercial, governmental and research users in the forestry sector globally to efficiently access satellite data based processing services and tools for generating value-added [...] VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND LTD (FI) Digital Platform Services
Geohazards Thematic Exploitation Platform The Geohazards Exploitation Platform or GEP aims to support the exploitation of satellite EO for geohazards. It follows the Supersites Exploitation Platform (SSEP), originally initiated in the context of the Geohazard Supersites & Natural [...] TERRADUE SRL (IT) Digital Platform Services
Geopedia Pay-Per-Use Demonstration on Optical High-Resolution Cloud Platform The project enables the Sentinel-Hub functions for MERIS, ESA Landsat and shall validate procurement mechanisms for a cloud-based resource tier, offering bundled infrastructure (IaaS) and data services (DaaS) to the users, based at minimum on [...] SLOVENIAN CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR SPACE SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGIES (SPACE-SI) (SI) Digital Platform Services
Harmonised Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Analysis-Ready Products The project proposes an innovative prototype (pre-operational demonstration) service providing analysis-ready harmonized Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 data/products to the user for easy exploitation. The service will be embedded as a SNAP “plug in”, [...] TELESPAZIO VEGA UK LIMITED (GB) Digital Platform Services
Hydrology Thematic Exploitation Platform The Hydrology TEP shall offer:
- a Community Platform: an open, collaborative and inclusive community where users can SHARE information, knowledge, algorithms, methods, tools, results, products, services.
- a Service Platform: a portal [...]
ISARDSAT S.L. (ES) Digital Platform Services
Interactive Hosted EO Processing The project demonstrated, through a proof-of-concept, that merging the concept of hosted EO data processing with GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) and Web technologies, a solution could be created to allows users to easily exploit data in a fast [...] AS CGI EESTI (EE) Digital Platform Services
OGC Testbed 13 The activity (a thread within the OGC Testbed 13 initiative) demonstrated how an EO algorithm could be package, deployed and executed in an interoperable manner across a number of different environments. CGI IT UK LIMITED (GB) Digital Platform Services
OGC Testbed 14 The activity (a thread within the OGC Testbed 14 initiative) builds up on the previous Testbed 13 activities by allowing the definition of more complex algoritms (worflows, i.e. multiple tasks executed in proper order) can be defined, deployed [...] CGI IT UK LIMITED (GB) Digital Platform Services
Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform The Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform provides a complete working environment where users can access algorithms and data remotely, providing computing resources and tools that they might not otherwise have, avoiding the need to download and [...] POLAR VIEW EARTH OBSERVATION LTD (GB) Digital Platform Services
Proba-V Mission Exploitation Platform – Third-Party Services The project shall demonstrate the MEP platform capabilities (in terms of infrastructure and vegetation product access) with a number of identifies pilot users (scientists and industry) giving them the opportunity to prototype potential tools and [...] SPACE APPLICATIONS SERVICES S.A./N.V. (BE) Digital Platform Services
Technology and atmospheric mission platform – OPerations (TOP) The proposed atmospheric mission platform has the twofold aim of demonstrating that (1) multiple data sources (the "data triangle" namely satellite-based products, numerical model output, and ground measurements) can be simultaneously exploited [...] SISTEMA GMBH (AT) Digital Platform Services
Triple-A For Exploitation Platforms The project targets a pre-operational demonstration of a Triple-A system (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) for Exploitation Platforms using modern standards such as Open ID Connect (OIDC) and User Managed Access (UMA) based on open [...] DEIMOS SPACE S.L.U (ES) Digital Platform Services
Urban Thematic Exploitation Platform The Urban TEP project shall build up an environment xpected to function as:
- Enabling technology,
Technical: Linking big data, IT-infrastructures, processing and analysis solutions;
Thematic: Provision of standardised, new, and tailored [...]
DLR – GERMAN AEROSPACE CENTER (DE) Digital Platform Services