Scientists: advanced training

by THEME (ocean, land, atmosphere, cryosphere), by TECHNIQUE and MULTI-THEMATIC SUMMER SCHOOLS

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A text book to introduce radar interferometry to remote sensing specialists

A tool for self-education in the field of Polarimetric SAR data analysis and a comprehensive suite of functions for the scientific exploitation of fully and partially polarimetric data sets

Version: 6.0

A common architecture for ESA Toolboxes

Version: 7.0

Released on: 22/07/2019

How to process Sentinel-2 data with SNAP tutorial


The specific objectives of the advanced training courses are:

  • To stimulate and support the exploitation of ESA and Third Party Missions (TPM) Earth Observation remote sensing data for land, ocean and atmospheric applications
  • To introduce available software tools and methods for the exploitation of these data
  • To train the next generation of European and Canadian scientists


As advanced training courses, they are targeted to the European, ESA member state and Canadian research and development community, in particular post-doc researchers as well as masters and PhD students.




Earth Observation Remote Sensing Workshop 2020

May 11 - May 15
ESEC-Galaxia Training and Learning Facility, Rue Devant les Hêtres, 2
Transinne, B-6890 Belgium

ESA’s Education Office, with the support of the Science, Applications & Climate Department, is organising the second edition of the Earth Observation Remote Sensing Workshop. Participants will become acquainted with ESA’s Earth Observation satellite missions and with the science of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar), optical and thermal remote sensing, as well as with Geographical Information …

Trans-Atlantic Training 2020 (TAT-8): Earth Observation of land cover/land use change in the era of big data

June 11 - June 15
Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center (KEDEA), 3ης Σεπτεμβρίου, Πανεπιστημιούπολη
Thessaloniki 546 36, Greece

Trans-Atlantic-Training (TAT) is a series of annual workshops and training courses in Earth Observation, whose objective is to share and discuss advanced research methods and technologies from space during a series of meetings for scientists and students from both Europe and the USA. The eighth edition (TAT-8) will focus on the use of Earth Observation data …

10th Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing

September 21 - September 25
Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering (FGG), Jamova cesta 2
Ljubljana, Slovenia

EO and AI for Forestry   This course is dedicated to training the next generation of Earth Observation (EO) scientists and experts working in forestry domain to exploit data from EO missions (e.g. the Copernicus Sentinels) and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for science and applications development. The training will include theory and hands-on sessions on …

May 11
Earth Observation Remote Sensing Workshop 2020
Jun 11
Trans-Atlantic Training 2020 (TAT-8): Earth Observation of land cover/land use change in the era of big data
Sep 21
10th Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing