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9th ESA Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing 2019 (focus on Agriculture)

Videos and materials from the course lessons


Educational materials from the 9th ESA Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing 2019 (focus on Agriculture)  held in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, on 16-20 September 2019.

Access specific videos (click on ) – presentation slides (click on ) – and exercise data (click on ) from the lessons here below or access the full video playlist from the window left side link.


   Welcome speech, Jean-Christophe RENAULD Pro-Rector @UCLouvain, Belgium

     Course introduction and overview, Magdalena Fitrzyk @RSAC c/o ESA, Italy

     Earth Observation Programmes overview and data access, Espen Volden @ESA, Italy

 Belgian EO activities, Jean-Christophe SCHYNS @Belspo & Pierre Defourny @UCLouvain, Belgium

  Earth Observation research at UCLouvain, Pierre Defourny @UCLouvain, Belgium

     Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 missions and instruments performances, Espen Volden @ESA, Italy

     Concepts and methods for optical pre-processing and time series quality analysis, Fabrizio Ramoino @Serco c/o ESA, Italy & Pierre Defourny @UCLouvain, Belgium

   Practical: Introduction to ESA toolboxes, Magdalena Fitrzyk @RSAC c/o ESA & Fabrizio Ramoino @Serco, Italy 

   Practical: Pre-processing of optical time series including S2, Magdalena Fitrzyk @RSAC c/o ESA & Fabrizio Ramoino @Serco, Italy 

     Practical: Quality control of time series and compositing. Temporal features computation, Pierre Defourny @UCLouvain & Julien Radoux @UCLouvain, Belgium 

     SAR remote sensing: basic physics, concepts and methods for SAR pre-processing including Sentinel-1, Ramon Hanssen @TU Delft, Netherlands

      Practical: Pre-processing and multi-temporal analysis of SAR time series incl. S1, Magdalena Fitrzyk @RSAC c/o ESA, Italy 

     Methods for cropland/crop type mapping from S2 and/or S1 time series, Sophie Bontemps @UCLouvain, Belgium

     Practical: Mapping cropland and crop type from S2 time series (Sen2Agri), Sophie Bontemps @UCLouvain, Belgium 

     Concepts and methods for LAI/fCover/fAPAR/Chlorophyll retrieval, Marie Weiss @INRA, France

     Practical: Biophysical variables retrieval and time series smoothing, Marie Weiss @INRA, France & Martin Claverie @UCLouvain, Belgium 

     Accuracy assessment: design for in situ sampling strategy for cal/val and accuracy metrics, Pierre Defourny @UCLouvain, Belgium

         Crop nitrogen management and yield forecast from satellite-derived information, Mirco Boschetti @National Research Council, Italy

     Practical: Crop specific time series analysis for growth monitoring, Pierre Defourny @UCLouvain, Belgium & Mirco Boschetti @National Research Council, Italy

     End-to-end strategy for operational Sen2Agri exploitation, Sophie Bontemps @UCLouvain, Belgium 

   Practical: Cloud computing (Virtual Machine) for Sen2Agri installation and processing, Cosmin Cara @CS, Romania

       Food Security Thematic Exploitation Platform – Using and sharing algorithms, products and services – Applications to micro-insurance and crop nitrogen uptake, Markus Muerth @VISTA, Germany 

     Novel in-situ collection approaches for agricultural EO applications, Raphael d’Andrimont @JRC, Italy 

     Water stress detection, evapotranspiration indicator and irrigation management, Albert Olioso @INRA, France 

  Closing ceremony