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ESA’s 7th Advanced Training Course on Radar Polarimetry

This 7th Advanced training course in SAR Polarimetry covered SAR, PolSAR, PolInSAR, and TomoSAR with both theoretical lectures and hands-on practicals using the ESA/NASA MAAP platform.


This post contains educational materials from the event ESA’s 7th Advanced Training Course on Radar Polarimetry held in Toulouse, France, June 12-16, 2023.

Access specific videos (click on ), presentation slides (click on ), and exercise data (click on ) from the sessions here below, or download all the theory slides, practical slides and datasets from the link on the left side window.

Any video recordings for this event are published here.

For the practicals, please download the full zip file on the right to get all files from the course including all the presentations, and all the data, notebooks and the environment config file for the practicals (7.9 GB). If you click the links listed below, you only download the notebooks.

Note that the environment file is optimised for Unix and editing it may be necessary for Windows OS.



  • Welcome from ESA, F. Sarti  (4 MB)

SAR Basics and SAR Tomography:

  •   SAR Basics and SAR Tomography, S. Tebaldini (theory) (10 MB)
  • Intro to SAR Tomography, L. Ferro-Famil (theory) (14 MB)
  • TomoSAR Jupyter notebooks, L. Ferro-Famil (practical) (71 KB)


  • PolSAR Basics, L. Ferro-Famil (theory) (15 MB)
  •  SAR and PolSAR data statistical Description, C. Lopez-Martinez (theory) (21 MB)
  •  Polarimetry Target Decompositions, C. Lopez-Martinez (theory) (23 MB)
  • PolSAR Jupyter Notebooks, C. Lopez-Martinez (practical) (20 KB)


  • Polarimetric SAR Interferometry, M. Pardini (theory) (20 MB)
  • PolInSAR Jupyter Notebooks, M. Pardini (practical) (5 KB)

Advanced Applications:

  • PolSAR Snow and Glaciers, I. Hajnsek (theory) (21 MB)
  • PolSAR change detection, A. Marino (theory) (7 MB)
  • Advanced Applications Jupyter Notebooks, A. Marino and I. Hajnsek (practical) (1 MB)

ESA’s Polarimetric Missions:

  • BIOMASS mission, K. Scipal (theory) (2 MB)
  • ROSE-L mission, K. Scipal (theory) (3 MB)