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CadasterENV Austria, Multi-Scale and Multi-Purpose Land Cover Monitoring System in Austria In order to meet the reporting obligations from international conventions, European directives and national legislations, countries are required to produce up to date, detailed and harmonised information on their land cover and its use, at [...] GEOVILLE (AT) Applications
CadasterENV Sweden, Multi-Scale and Multi-Purpose Land Cover Monitoring System in Sweden In order to meet the reporting obligations from international conventions, European directives and national legislations , countries are required to produce up to date, detailed and harmonised information on their land cover and its use, at [...] METRIA MILJOEANALYS (SE) Applications
Coastal Thematic Exploitation Platform Through the provision of access to large volumes of EO and in-situ data, computing resources, algorithm development space and the fundamental processing software required to extract temporal and spatial information from Big Data, C-TEP shall [...] ACRI-ST S.A.S. (FR) Digital Platform Services
Delay-Doppler Altimetry Studio This project aims at providing to the scientific community the means to understand and use the low levels of Altimetry data and how these data are processed, by providing them with a Fully Adaptable and Configureable Delay Doppler Processor  [...] ISARDSAT LTD. (GB) Science
Development of pan-European Multi-Sensor Snow Mapping Methods Exploiting Sentinel-1 The main objective is the development, implementation and validation of methods and tools for generating maps of snowmelt area based on SAR data of the Sentinel-1 mission and the combination with snow products derived from optical sensors of [...] ENVEO – ENVIRONMENTAL EARTH OBSERVATION INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GMBH (AT) Science
EO Mammals Earth Observation (EO) data has been extensively used over the years to assist on the management of marine mammal populations either by establishing protected areas where stakeholders’ activity are reduced, or by minimizing the impact of [...] THE OCEANIC PLATFORM OF THE CANARY ISLANDS (ES) Applications
EO4CBI: Earth Observation for City Biodiversity Index (DUE Innovator III Series) Capturing the status and trends of biodiversity and ecosystem services in urban landscapes represents an important part of understanding whether a metropolitan area is developing in a sustainable manner. The City Biodiversity Index (CBI) was [...] SPACE 4 ENVIRONMENT (LU) Applications
EO4URBAN, Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 SAR and Sentinel-2 MSI Data for Global Urban Services (DUE Innovator III Series) More than half of the people on the planet live in cities and the situatiuon will further worsen with another 2.5 billion people expected to move into cities by 2050. The information decision makers need for their urban planning activities are [...] KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY IN STOCKHOLM (SE) Applications
Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform (Forestry TEP) shall enable commercial, governmental and research users in the forestry sector globally to efficiently access satellite data based processing services and tools for generating value-added [...] VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND LTD (FI) Digital Platform Services
GEORICE (DUE Innovator III Series) The GEORICE innovator addresses research priorities within the Group of Earth Observation Global Agricultural Monitoring (GEOGLAM) initiative related to SAR techniques for rice monitoring. The project developed and demonstrated EO products for [...] UNIVERSITE TOULOUSE III – PAUL SABATIER (FR) Applications
GlobDiversity: Development of High-Resolution RS-Enabled EBVs on the Structure and Function of Terrestrial Ecosystems A global knowledge of the state of and changes to biological diversity can only be based on a combination of in-situ and remotely sensed observations integrated into a comprehensive biodiversity knowledge system. The needs to integrate satellite [...] UNIVERSITY OF ZURICH (CH) Applications
GlobWetland Africa: Development of EO Tools for the Conservation, Wise-Use and Effective Management of Wetlands in Africa GlobWetland Africa aims at facilitating the exploitation of satellite observations for the conservation, wise-use and effective management of wetlands in Africa, by providing African stakeholders with EO methods and tools to fulfil their Ramsar [...] DHI GRAS A/S (DK) Applications
Hydrology Thematic Exploitation Platform The Hydrology TEP shall offer:
- a Community Platform: an open, collaborative and inclusive community where users can SHARE information, knowledge, algorithms, methods, tools, results, products, services.
- a Service Platform: a portal [...]
ISARDSAT S.L. (ES) Digital Platform Services
Land Cover Change Detection and Monitoring Methodologies Based on the Combined Use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 for Natural Resources and Hazard Management. The main objective of this R&D activity is to develop and validate novel methodologies for Land EO products based on the joint exploitation of Sentinel-1A SAR data and Sentinel-2A optical imagery. The outcome of the activity is intended to [...] CLS COLLECTE LOCALISATION SATELLITES (FR) Science
Operational Snow Avalanche Detection Using Sentinel-1 NORUT has developed an automatic avalanche detection method within a pre-operational processing chain that uses Sentinel-1 data to detect avalanches. This system is being tested in Northern Norway and is used operationally during winter [...] NORTHERN RESEARCH INSTITUTE (NORUT) (NO) Applications
Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform The Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform provides a complete working environment where users can access algorithms and data remotely, providing computing resources and tools that they might not otherwise have, avoiding the need to download and [...] POLAR VIEW EARTH OBSERVATION LTD (GB) Digital Platform Services
RS4EBV: Remote Sensing for Essential Biodiversity Variables (DUE Innovator III Series) Biodiversity is facing a global crisis as evidenced by dramatic declines in species and habitats. Tracking the state of biodiversity requires operational monitoring systems underpinned by robust indicators. While these indicators convey [...] UN WORLD CONSERVATION MONITORING CENTRE (UN-WCMC) (GB) Applications
SAR4URBAN: SAR for urbanisation monitoring (DUE Innovator III Series) From the beginning of the years 2000, more than half of the world population live in cities and the overall trend of urbanization is growing at an unprecedented speed. The use of Earth Observations and their integration with other source of [...] DLR – GERMAN AEROSPACE CENTER (DE) Applications
Sargassum monitoring service The project objective is to develop and implement an innovative automated service based on Earth Observation (EO) data to monitor floating Sargassum algae in the Caribbean area, estimate their drift and eventual landings on the coasts, and [...] CLS COLLECTE LOCALISATION SATELLITES (FR) Applications
Sen4CAP: Sentinels for the Common Agricultural Policy The Sen4CAP project aims at providing to the European and national stakeholders of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) validated algorithms, products and best practices for agriculture monitoring relevant for the management of the CAP. [...] UNIVERSITY OF CATHOLIQUE DE LOUVAIN (BE) Applications
Sentinel-2 for Agriculture (DUE) The Sen2-Agri project is designed to develop, demonstrate and facilitate the Sentinel-2 time series contribution to the satellite EO component of agriculture monitoring at national scale. The project will demonstrate the benefit of the [...] UNIVERSITY OF CATHOLIQUE DE LOUVAIN (BE) Applications
SMELLS (DUE Innovator III Series) SMELLS will implement an innovative approach to combine Sentinel-1 SAR data with thermal disaggregated SMOS-derived soil moisture to derive a soil moisture product at both high-spatial and high-temporal resolution to provide a new tool for [...] ISARDSAT LTD. (GB) Applications
SOLFEO – Spaceborne Observations over Latin America For Emission Optimization applications South America hosts the Amazon rain forest, the largest source of natural hydrocarbons (HC) emitted into the atmosphere. However, the forest undergoes continuous pressure due to increasing needs for pasture and agricultural land. Next to this, [...] The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) (NL) Science
Urban Thematic Exploitation Platform The Urban TEP project shall build up an environment expected to function as:
- Enabling technology,
Technical: Linking big data, IT-infrastructures, processing and analysis solutions;
Thematic: Provision of standardised, new, and tailored [...]
DLR – GERMAN AEROSPACE CENTER (DE) Digital Platform Services