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WOC 2022 presentations


Contributions from the World Ocean Circulation User Consultation Meeting 2022 held on 10-12 October 2022 in a hybrid format (both online and in presence at ESA-ESRIN, Italy)

Day 1 – 10th October 2022

Session1: Introduction

  • ESA opening (Giuseppe Ottavianelli, ESA)
  • UCM context and objectives (Marie-Hélène RIO, ESA)
  • Keynote 1: Ocean currents in support of the Blue economy: The OECD perspective (Claire Jolly, OECD)
  • Overall presentation of the WOC project (Fabrice Collard, ODL)
  • Keynote 2 (Bertrand Chapron, Ifremer)
  • Keynote 3: Quantifying Upper Ocean Currents: Deficiencies and Knowledge Gaps (Johnny Johannessen, NERSC)

Session 2: Key WOC achievements (new products)

  • Towards reliable ocean surface current retrievals from the Sentinel-1 Doppler shift in the coastal zone (Aartem Moiseev, NERSC)
  • Wave current interaction observations and predictions using satellite data (Fabrice Collard, ODL)
  • Improved 2D surface currents from the synergetic use of altimetry and Sea Surface Temperature data (Daniele Ciani, CNR-ISMAR)
  • High resolution gridded altimetric maps by the Back-and-Forth Nudging (BFN) method (Florian Le Guillou, ESA)
  • High-frequency ageostrophy products: Data-driven models for Ekman+Near-Inertial currents (Clement Ubelmann, DATLAS)
  • 3D Ocean currents retrieval (Bruno Buongiorno-Nardelli, ISMAR, CNR)
  • ERA* high resolution ocean forcing product development and application (Marcos Portabella, ICM-CSIC)
  • New validation strategy through frontal structure detection (Lucile Gaultier, ODL)

Day 2 – 11th October 2022

Session 3: Downstream Applications

Safe Navigation

  • Waves and surface ocean circulation for least-carbon ship routes (Mannarini Gianandrea, CMCC)
  • Ship Routing Optimisation based on Metocean conditions (Ioannnou Artemis, AMPHITRITE)
  • On a novel approach of forecasting extreme waves: thanks to satellite wave observations (Aouf Lotfi, Meteo France)
  • Limitations in current weather services to SOLAS vessels (Bjørn Åge Hjøllo, NAVTOR)
  • Swell/current interaction in the Agulhas current and determination of dangerous seas index (Fabrice Collard, ODL)

Sustainable fisheries

  • Keynote 4: How ocean current data can contribute to sustainable fisheries (VanAnrooy Raymond (FAO))
  • Lagrangian modelling of European eel larvae in the Sargasso Sea: improved understanding of mesoscale dispersion (Patrizio Mariani,DTU)
  • Linking Atlantic Bluefin tuna migration pathways and ocean dynamics (Diego Alvarez, SOCIB)

Clean Ocean

  • Upper Ocean Current Usage for Sargassum and Marine Litter Drift Applications (Lucas Marc, CLS)
  • Lagrangian drift of Sargassum and oil spills (Laura Gomoz-Navarro, U. of Utrecht)
  • Assessment of WOC current products for Sargassum drift prediction with MOTHY (Pierre Daniel, Meteo-France)
  • How does an oil slick move? Observations and two case studies (Duarte Soares, ITOPF)

Renewable energy

  • Assessment of renewable wave energy resources in the French façade coastal zone (Sonia Ponce de León, Instituto Superior Tecnico, University of Lisbon, Marco Restano, Serco c/o ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, Jérôme Benveniste, European Space Agency (ESA-ESRIN), Frascati, Italy)
  • Tidal current wave interaction and resulting wave breaking mapping in coastal area using Sentinel1 (Fabrice Collard, ODL)
  • Syntool Presentation (Lucile Gaultier, ODL)

Day 3 – 12th October 2022

Session 4: Perspectives and Outlook

  • Present and future altimeter capability (Yannice Faugere, CLS)
  • The SWOT mission (Rosemary Morrow, CNES)
  • Investigating the assimilation of total surface current velocities in global ocean forecasting systems (Jennifer Waters, MetOffice)
  • Future missions to fill gaps for downstream applications (Craig Donlon, ESA)
  • Service evolution in CMEMS (Stephanie Guinehut, Mercator-Ocean)
  • Modelling core engines for European Digital Twin Ocean, the EDITO Model Lab project (Yann Drillet, Mercator-Ocean)


  • WOC 2022 Poster Pitch