Living Planet Fellowship workshop 2019

The annual Living Planet Fellowship workshop took place on 25 November at ESRIN.

On this occasion, the Living Planet Fellows completing the first of their 2-year research projects had the possibility to get together, present their results, exchange ideas and interact with ESA scientists, fellows and YGTs.

The full day workshop featured presentations that showcased scientific exploitation of Copernicus Sentinels, ESA Earth Explorers, the long-term series of ESA data archives, as well as meteorological and non-ESA missions.

Novel scientific results were presented, addressing grand scientific questions about the Earth System, on four main domains: atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere.

Presentations are available below (directly access either the presentation from the icon, or the project and fellow pages from the text):


 SIEMIC: Swarm Investigation of the Energetics of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling – Ivan Pakhotin

  The ionospheric signature of auroral and subauroral fast flowsWilliam Archer

 PROMCOM: Production of lower tropospheric methane and carbon monoxide distributions through combined use of ESA Sentinel-5 Precursor shortwave infrared and IASI/CrIS thermal infrared satellite dataDiane Knappett

 WIFT: Water vapour Isotopologues from TROPOMIAndreas Schneider


 PhysioGlob: Assessing the inter-annual physiological response of phytoplankton to global warming using long- term satellite observationsMarco Bellacicco


  Arctic-SummIT: Arctic Summer Ice ThicknessJack Landy

 ICEFLOW: short-term movements in the CryosphereBas Altena

 HI-FIVE: High-Resolution Forest Coverage with InSAR & Deforestation SurveillanceFrancescopaolo Sica

 MULTI-FLEX: Towards a strategy for fluorescence monitoring scales within the context of the Flex/S3 tandem missionMarco Celesti

 EOCYTES: Evaluation of the effect of Ozone on Crop Yields and the TErrestrial carbon pool using Satellite dataJasdeep Anand