Re-watch the webinar series on Earth Observation for urban development

The EO4SD-Urban project is pleased to release the recordings of a free webinar series on satellite-derived geospatial information for urban development. The webinars are part of the capacity building offered to our project partners (development bank staff, technical staff from participating cities, etc.).

The webinars introduce the latest methodologies of obtaining geospatial information from satellite Earth Observation (EO) data for urban development. The presenters are experts of the EO4SD-Urban consortium together with some of the project partners.

The webinar series will:

  • Increase your understanding on how to improve sustainable urban development with applications of Earth Observation,
  • Teach you about the latest freely available and commercial satellite data, and
  • Provide insight into different use cases in urban development activities.

The playlist of the Webinar Series is here.

Webinar 1.1: Geospatial Technology and its Applications for Urban Topics – An Overview
Webinar 2.1: Remote Sensing Introduction and Characteristics of Satellite Data
Webinar 2.2: Basics of Image Classification & Geographical Information Systems
Webinar 2.3: The Importance of Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Satellite EO Products
Webinar 2.4: EO4SD-Urban – Overview of Available Products
Webinar 3.1: Satellites Help Developing Urban Master Plans
Webinar 3.2: Satellites Support Slum Upgrade and Access to Basic Services
Webinar 3.3: Satellites Help Improving Urban Livelihoods
Webinar 3.4: Satellite Data for Assessment of Land Valuation and Property Taxes
Webinar 3.5: Satellite Data for Climate Resilience and Disaster Management City Plans
Webinar 3.6: Analysing Urban Areas Using Free Data and Open Online Tools