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12th ESA Training Course on Earth Observation 2022

Theory and practical materials


Educational materials from the 12th ESA Training Course on Earth Observation 2022 held in Riga, Latvia, from 27 June – 01 July 2022.

Access specific videos (click on ), presentation slides (click on ), and exercise data (click on ) from the sessions here below, or download all the theory slides, practical slides and datasets from the link on the left side window.



  •    ESA Intro and ESA EO Missions, F. Sarti  (18 MB)
  •    Lessons learned while working with Sentinel data (theory), D. Jakovels (6 MB)
  • Overview of the Riga Technical University, M. Kaļinka

SAR & Optical Remote Sensing for Land Cover Applications:

  •  SAR Basics for Land (theory) , P.L.Frison (19 MB)
  •    Vegetation classification with Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 (practical), P.L.Frison (21 MB)

SAR  & Optical Remote Sensing for Forestry Applications:

  •  SAR & Optical data for Forestry with ESA SNAP (practical), O.Antropov) (2 MB)
  •  SAR & Optical data for Forestry: Python classification & regression (practical), O.Antropov (1 MB)
  •    ESA Forestry Thematic Exploitation Practical (practical), J. Miettinen & L. Seitsonen (2 MB)

SAR & Optical Remote Sensing for Agriculture Applications:

  •  Intro to SAR & Optical for Agriculture (theory), P. Defourny (16 MB)
  •   SNAP for LAI time series production (practical), F. Ramoino (5 MB)
  •  Jupyter notebook for LAI time series Quality Control and analysis for crop monitoring (practical), B. Delhez (175 MB)

SAR Interferometry:

  • Introduction to radar interferometry (theory & demo), R. Hanssen

SAR for Marine Applications:

  •  SAR Marine Applications – Oil Spill & Ship Detection (theory), D. Velotto (5 MB)

ESA OpenEO Platform:

  •  Introduction to OpenEO platform: essentials & resources (demo), B. Schumacher (2 MB)
  •  OpenEO platform Use cases: (1) Land Cover mapping (2) Time Series Analysis, (3) Graph Visualisation: R & Web Editor Interface (practical), B. Schumacher (4 MB)