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Euro Data Cube

A data cube service as Earth Observation Factory


Euro Data Cube is a one-stop-shop for browsing, analysis and processing of EO data, from source up to the final product:

  • Access to complete and global EO archives from main all open missions (e.g. Sentinel, Landsat, MODIS, etc.), commercial satellites (PlanetScope, Pleiades, SPOT, WorldView, etc.) as well as Level 3 products (Copernicus Land Monitoring Services, C3S, etc.).
  • Stream original values, Analysis Ready Data and derived products such as vegetation indices.
  • Access, Analyse, Compare and correlate thanks to the state-of-the-art technology (Xcube) and operational tools (Sentinel Hub)
  • Manage different data formats and type in a transparent way (raster, vector, COGs, Zarr, etc.)
  • Bring and store your own data and algorithm to further create value-added information
  • Customize your data pipeline further integrated in an EO factory
  • Benefit from computational resources and storage to run your installed Jupyter Notebooks and your deployed Applications within your Kubernetes-powered workspace. Start on the laptop, scale in the cloud.
  • Try it out for free, make use of Network of Resources to prototype, then scale using a transparent business model.
  • Expose your apps on the EDC marketplace to third-parties and provide easy access to your managed API service to customers, without worrying about subscription management and billing.
  • Kick-start your Earth Observation Application!

Check the introduction video!