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A tool designed to use radar altimetry data

Version: 4.2.1

Released on: 01/06/2018

A user configurable tool for processing Delay Doppler altimeter data

Version: 1.4.0

Released on: 15/03/2018

A large archive of many EO products in one place


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A tool for ingesting, processing, and analyzing atmospheric remote sensing data

Version: 4.0 (VISAN)

Released on: 31/10/2019

This 7th Advanced training course in SAR Polarimetry covered SAR, PolSAR, PolInSAR, and TomoSAR with both theoretical lectures and hands-on practicals using the ESA/NASA MAAP platform.


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Tools for the utilisation and analysis of GOCE Level 2 products

Version: 3.1

Released on: 01/12/2015

An educational open source software for inspecting and analyzing satellite images

Version: 4.3.0

Released on: 28/01/2019

A tool for self-education in the field of Polarimetric SAR data analysis and a comprehensive suite of functions for the scientific exploitation of fully and partially polarimetric data sets

Version: 6.0

Released on:

Software for processing Sentinel data

Version: 9.0.0

Released on: 29/06/2022