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SARvatore G-POD Altimetry Service to users


The Grid-Processing-On-Demand Sentinel-3 & CryoSat SAR/SARin Altimetry Processing service is a web platform that provides the capability to process on line and on demand Sentinel-3 SAR and CryoSat SAR and SARin data, from L1a (FBR) data products until Level-2 geophysical data products, with different algorithms then Ground Segment products. The service, coined SARvatore (SAR Versatile Altimetric Toolkit for Ocean Research & Exploitation), can process data over any surface.

The service is open, free of charge and accessible on line from everywhere. To access the service, users need EO-SSO (Earth Observation Single Sign-On) credentials. Registration can be done at Afterwards, an e-mail to the G-POD team ( shall be sent requesting the activation of the CryoSat-2/Sentinel-3 service for the EO-SSO user account.

The GPOD has been terminated and the SARvatore service, on-line since 2015, has been migrated to the EarthConsole® Altimetry Virtual Lab.