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Delay-Doppler altimetry studio

A user configurable tool for processing Delay Doppler altimeter data


The DeDop3 project provides the scientific community with the means to understand and use low level altimetry data and to become involved in how these data are processed. This is achieved by providing them with a Fully Adaptable and Configurable DeDop and a friendly user interface (a tool) to help them to interact with DeDop processor. The proposed DeDop has different options from which the user will be able to choose according to their particular field of interest. Examples of the new options are: surface focusing (particularly relevant for special targets like coasts, rivers or lakes), any kind of weighting along and across track, different azimuth processing approaches, stack masking, new stacking algorithms (e.g. ACDC), Sigma-0 at stack level, etc.

DeDop is open source and available in such a way that users are able to explore the code, understand its possibilities, and to modify it to their own needs.

The tool also comes with various demonstrations of new features that can be investigated and retrieved when using these lower data processing levels. They are presented as successful case studies.


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