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30 YEARS OF PROGRESS IN RADAR ALTIMETRY” SYMPOSIUM | Montpellier, France 2-7 September 2024

 September 2 - September 7
 Le Corum – Place Charles de Gaulle | Montpellier, France


Following on from the 15, 20 and 25 “Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry” Symposia (respectively in 2006, 2012, and 2018), all deemed very successful milestones by the participants and the readership of the Proceedings, we have now reached the 30-year anniversary of precise altimetry.

To mark this occasion the European Space Agency, in collaboration with the French Space Agency, CNES, is organizing an exceptional Symposium on “30 years of Progress in Radar Altimetry”. This event will be sponsored by other partner agencies and organizations supporting the development of altimetry. Along with this symposium, related side events will take place in the same week. The Symposium encompassing these events will be held on Monday 2 to Saturday 7 of September 2024, in Montpellier, France. The Saturday will be devoted to a training on Fully-Focused SAR processing and SWOT measurement principle and processing algorithms covering inland water, oceanography and the cryosphere.


Radar altimetry is a key component of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), and over the last 30 years has provided the principal global data source enabling the advancement of Earth System Science and the development of operational oceanography & hydrology. Radar altimetry contributes to a large number of societal needs, from climate monitoring to weather forecasting, with subsequent applications in a range of activities of socio-economic importance, including agriculture, health, energy, the freshwater resource, maritime safety, etc. Contributors to the Symposium are invited to submit abstract describing the evolution of their work and results in the past five years working on the 30 years of available multi-mission altimetry data.


The symposium will be organized around key papers, presenting the challenges we have overcome to develop our current understanding of the Earth’s surface variations observed by altimetry, and the perspectives for future developments in each of the following themes that can be consulted HERE.

Abstract Submission


For further information regarding the abstract submission , please go to the main website at




Le Corum – Place Charles de Gaulle | Montpellier, France
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