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The Earth Observation Envelope Programme (EOEP) is the backbone for implementing the ESA Earth Observation Strategy 2040 whose prime objectives are to help society to:

  • Observe: develop and provide the observations to better understand the complexity of our planet and monitor its health;
  • Understand: enable improved predictions of the physical interaction of society with the Earth system;
  • Decide: inform decision makers and citizens on scenarios and consequences of political and economic decisions regarding our home planet.

The vision of ESA is to enable the maximum benefit of Earth observation for science, society and economic growth in Europe, served by European industry.

EO science for society is one of the EOEP-5 (2017-2021) core activities.

It pioneers new EO services and scientific discoveries, stimulating downstream industry growth, and supporting international responses to global societal challenges. This will involve product driven research and pre-commercial development from scientific exploitation to enabling industry growth in full coordination with activities in other Directorates of the Agency dealing with applications. An open call for industry-led initiatives in the downstream sector will provide for a high degree of flexibility for responding to new ideas by industry and scientist.

It drives the development of a network of EO Exploitation Platforms in Europe to foster easier and more comprehensive exploitation of the data.

It expands the use of web-technologies for engagement, outreach, and education. It will set up virtual research laboratories and collaborative research environments, provide e-learning and educational resources for specialists and the general public, and launch citizen science and crowd-sourcing projects.

It offers entrepreneurs in Participating States a unified information environment (mixing virtual and physical spaces). These “Earth Labs” enable them to explore, analyse and interpret big data, run codes, share products and knowledge, and pioneer the development of innovative services.

Find out more in the EO science for society Industry Info Day event page.

EO science for society heritage is still accessible on a few websites, accessible but not active anymore: