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Most recent add-on to the collection of online MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) dedicated to Earth observation data, techniques and applications is Land in Focus, launched last 4 October.

This MOOC, funded by ESA, has been developed by experts from various internationally renowned institutes such as EOS Jena, WUR Wageningen, RUB Bochum, FSU Jena, Sinergise, DLR, UoE Edinburgh.

The course offers a selection of contents, focused on the land environment, accessible to anyone, starting from a beginner level.

It includes a core Basics of Remote Sensing module, covering the technology fundamentals, and a series of practical thematic modules, based on real-life scenarios. While the core module is already up and running, the thematic modules are being released regularly, according to the following calendar:

Urban Spaces1 November 2021
People, Land, Sustainability8 November 2021
Hazards & Disasters15 November 2021
Agriculture & Food22 November 2021
Forest Ecosystems29 November 2021
Wet Ecosystems23 February 2022
Dry Ecosystems09 March 2022


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