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2d Earth Observation Summer School 2004

 August 16, 2004 - August 26, 2004


European Space Agency (ESA) organises a series of summer schools on Monitoring of the Earth System to promote the exploitation of Earth Observation EO data across disciplines, with a specific focus on their assimilation into Earth System models. The Summer Schools last for two-week and are held in ESA/ESRIN (near Rome, Italy).

The second edition of the series took place from 16th to 26th August 2004 and was titled “ESA ENVISAT Summer School“. A total of 68 young scientists coming from 21 countries across the world (e.g. Europe, Canada, Australia, Argentine, Brazil, China, India) attended the event.

The Summer School aimed to train a new generation of scientists in the skills needed to exploit data from the full range of instruments of ESA’s Envisat satellite, for various applications including atmosphere, land, ocean and cryosphere.  

The lectures had a particular focus on how to turn measurements into useful geophysical parameters to be used in models. The theory sessions were accompanied by as set of computing practicals, to give participants a hands-on experience of processing Earth Observation data and real application of assimilation techniques in simplified models.

The programme inlcuded various keynote lectures about state-of-the-art data assimilation techniques across a range of applications, given by 14 top European scientists. Participants produced posters explaining the subject of their research.



  • Pierre Brasseur (LEGI)
  • Johnny Johannessen (NERSC)
  • Detlef Stammer (Uni Hamburg)
  • Nadia Pinardi (Uni Ravenna)
  • Seymour Laxon (UCL)
  • Christiane Schmullius (Uni Jena)
  • Nadine Gobron (JRC)
  • Wolfgang Knorr (MPI)
  • Shaun Quegan (Uni Sheffield)
  • Elisabeth Gerard (Meteo France)
  • Alan O’Neill (DARC)
  • Henk Eskes (KNMI)
  • Mark Drinkwater (ESA-ESTEC)
  • Anthony Hollingsworth (ECMWF)



  • Naoise O’Reilly (SOC)
  • Doug McNeal (SOC)
  • Amos Lawless (DARC)
  • Stefano Migliorini (DARC)



  • Stephen Briggs (ESA)
  • Alan O’Neill (DARC)
  • Gilles Sommeria (WMO)
  • Christiane Schmullius (University of Jena)
  • Ian Robinson (SOC)



  • Pierre-Philippe Mathieu (ESA-ESRIN), Organiser
  • Laurence Ghaye, (RSAC) Coordinator


Access here below the full programme.