Ecosystem Conservation and Restoration Consultation Survey Results

In Q4 2022, ESA organised an open Information Day to address Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)/ Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with presentations on the potential of EO in support to ecosystems restoration and conservation. The event was attended by around 60 CSOs/NGOs.

The Consultation was complemented with a questionnaire circulated to participants and interested stakeholders to capture their needs and priorities in terms of:

  • High-priority ecosystems for conservation / restoration actions.
  • Monitoring of specific ecosystem degradation drivers.
  • High-priority aspects linked to biodiversity, specifically on habitats and species.
  • Needs in relation to enabling the financing mechanisms for nature restoration and nature capital valuation.
  • Needs for capacity building in the organizations on specific EO topics
  • Capture in an open way, recommendations and needs from CSOs/NGOs.

The report has now been released and is available on the page dedicated to the event, where also the presentations given at the event are available.