Systematic swath elevation and monthly DEMs over the Greenland Ice Sheet margin from CryoSat

The CryoTEMPO-EOLIS (Elevation Over Land Ice from Swath) product, now operationally available at on the CryoSat Dissemination Server, exploits CryoSat’s SARIn mode and the novel Swath processing technique to deliver increased spatial and temporal coverage of time-dependent elevation over land ice, a critical metric for tracking ice mass trends.

This is the outcome of a number of activities, including the CryoSat+ CryoTop Evolution project.

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Ice thickness change from CryoTEMPO-EOLIS product
Example of DEM time-series in the Jakobshavn Isbrae region of west-Greenland showing general thinning of the ice sheet margin and revealing seasonal and long-term trends in ice thickness change.