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Network of Resources (NoR)

The Network of Resources (NoR) is offering research, development and pre-commercial users the opportunity to exploit EO data collocated in a cloud environment by providing sponsorship for Resource Tier and Platform Tier Services for projects which are of a scientific or a value adding nature.

The evaluation of user requests and the awarding of the sponsorship is performed by ESA.

Access reference documentation:

Network of Resources (NoR) Main text
Network of Resources Submission Guidelines

Submit a request to receive sponsorship via an ESA-SSO account:

Submit a request to receive sponsorship for a Resource Tier Service
Submit a request to receive sponsorship for a Platform Service


The following external entities: CloudSIGMA, CREODIAS, SOBLOO are also contributing to the initiative by offering sponsorship for eligible projects for the use of their services.

Entities wishing to offer sponsorship are requested to contact