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EO Africa Webinar Series on EO for Water and Food Security

Videos covering theory and applications


Developed in the context of the EO Africa project, this series of webinars covers a variety of topics related to the use of Earth Observation (EO) for topics related to water and food security.

The recorded webinars, which consist of theoretical background, applications examples and Q&A session, are available here below. Access specific videos (click on ) and exercise data (click on ).
The videos can also be found in the EO Africa R&D Facility Youtube Channel


Webinar 1- Introduction to Cloud Computing for EO Analyses (8 MB)

Webinar 2- Access to Earth Observation

Webinar 3- Software Tools for Earth Observation analyses (SNAP, QGIS) (scheduled for March 10th)

Webinar 4- Evapotranspiration from space: methodology and products (scheduled for March 25th)

Webinar 5- Introduction to Precipitation from Space (scheduled for April 20th)

Webinar 6- SM products at continental scale (scheduled date to be published soon)

Webinar 7- Integration Sentinel-1 and -2 for small water body mapping and available Copernicus products (scheduled date to be published soon)

Webinar 8- Remote sensing for drought monitoring and impact assessment (scheduled date to be published soon)

Webinar 9- End of season yield forecasting (scheduled date to be published soon)

Webinar 10- Introduction to the use of EO for crop insurance (scheduled date to be published soon)


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