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MOOC: Drought Assessment and Monitoring from Space

A series of videos and quizzes suitable for anybody interested in the topic.


Developed in the context of the EO Africa project, this free MOOC provides an introduction to the topic of droughts and details how they can be quantified, assessed and monitored from space. The contents include the role of cloud computing and the access to satellite data.

No prior knowledge in Earth Observation (EO) is required.

The MOOC is intended for agricultural scientists and water resources specialists, as well as for anyone interested in water and food security and in the role of EO in these fields.

The following topics are included:

  1. MOOC overview
  2. Vegetation and Drought Monitoring from Space
  3. Copernicus Programme, Sentinel satellites – EO for Africa
  4. Jupyter notebooks and cloud computing
  5. EO software tools
  6. EO based information for vegetation and drought monitoring
  7. Observing the water cycle from space
  8. Monitoring vegetation dynamics from space
  9. ET from space
  10. Soil moisture dynamics from space
  11. Crop Monitoring and Yield estimation from space
  12. EO AFRICA R&D Facility


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