Highlighting the value of SMOS data in space weather applications

ESA’s SMOS mission data is at the forefront of space weather applications, impacting air navigation, solar flare characterization, space weather modeling, and ionospheric electron content mapping.

The mission, characterised by its Microwave Imaging Radiometer using Aperture Synthesis (MIRAS) instrument, provides valuable L-band measurements in this context, as demonstrated in the ESA SMOS-Flares project. Practical demonstrations at the second SMOS for Space Weather workshop – held in Madrid last October 27 2023 – showcased innovative applications, including a new algorithm to obtain solar flux data. SMOS’s ability to detect solar radio bursts proves instrumental in evaluating the impact of space weather on GNSS.

From applications to ionospheric research and beyond, SMOS data emerges as a versatile asset.

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