Recommendations from 4th Carbon from Space workshop now published

While greenhouse gas emissions have continued to increase, significant progress has been made in estimating global and regional carbon budgets, especially in reducing carbon budget uncertainties and better quantifying emissions from different sources. Advances have also been made in understanding the interaction between cycles of carbon, water, and nitrogen and the effects of climate change on ecosystems.

In the period since the 3rd Carbon from Space workshop in 2016, satellite observations, including those from ESA, NASA, and commercial operators, have increased in number and quality and there have been coordinated efforts to improve research infrastructure. However, challenges remain in modelling processes, understanding observations, integrating models with data, and addressing gaps in comprehension.

The 4th Carbon from Space Workshop took place in 2022 to review this progress and identify priorities in understanding the terrestrial carbon cycle for the next five year period. The report summarizes recommendations from the workshop to guide research and development activities related to the terrestrial carbon cycle. These activities are crucial for meeting global commitments under the Paris Agreement and advancing our understanding of the carbon cycle.

Access the full report here below and visit the ESA Carbon Science Cluster page for more.