Career opportunities for internal research fellow in Earth System science

An internal research fellow opportunity is currently open for applicants who have recently completed, or are close to completing a PhD in physics, engineering or Earth system science with research experience and publication records.

The applicant may select his/her preferred theme between:

  • Ocean science

Activities will focus on exploiting the latest advances in EO satellite technology to enhance our observation capacity and fundamental scientific understanding of the ocean’s role in the Earth and climate system and its responses to anthropogenic forcing and mitigation actions. Priorities will include the further understanding of the ocean’s role in the carbon cycle, ocean health (e.g. acidification, marine heatwaves, eutrophication, extreme wind events) and marine biology and ecosystems, both in the open ocean and in coastal areas. You will also help coordinate and implement the activities of the ESA Ocean science cluster.


  • Land surface processes

Activities will focus on enhancing our capacity to observe and understand complex land surface processes with special attention paid to hydrology, vegetation dynamics and the terrestrial carbon cycle, its sensitivity to climate change and its interactions with human activities (e.g., agriculture, forestry, energy, water consumption). Activities will focus in particular on the exploration and exploitation of the novel capabilities and increasing synergistic potential of the latest EO satellite systems (e.g., Copernicus Sentinels, FLEX, Biomass, meteorological missions, novel national and commercial missions) along with field measurements and high-resolution land surface and hydrological models. You will also help coordinate and implement the ESA carbon science cluster.


Deadline for application is 18 February 2022. Find more details and apply here.